This was 118th day of the year and 247 days remained in the year.

April 28 Birthdays

James Monroe
1758–1831, American president, born in Westmoreland County, Va.

Marie Joseph Chenier
poet and dramatist (1764)

Lionel Barrymore
actor (1878)

Harper Lee
author (1926)

Saddam Hussein
political leader (1937)

Jay Leno
talk-show host (1950)

Penélope Cruz
actress (1974)

April 28 in History


Maryland became the 7th state in the United States.


Fletcher Christian led the mutiny aboard the British ship Bounty against Captain William Bligh.


Benito Mussolini was executed.


Thor Heyerdahl and five others began their Pacific Ocean crossing on the raft, Kon-Tiki.


Boxing champion Muhammad Ali refused to be inducted into the Army.


The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture unveiled its first “food pyramid.”


Dennis Tito became the first space tourist.


The Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal first comes to light when graphic photos of U.S. soldiers physically abusing and humiliating Iraqi prisoners were shown on CBS's 60 Minutes II.

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