This was 104th day of the year and 261 days remained in the year.

April 14 Birthdays

Anne Sullivan Macy
1866–1936 American educator, friend and teacher of Helen Keller

Arnold Joseph Toynbee
historian (1889)

John Gielgud
actor (1904)

Francois Duvalier
dictator of Haiti (1907)

Loretta Lynn
singer (1935)

Sarah Michelle Gellar
actress (1977)

April 14 in History


Benjamin Rush was among those who founded the first American antislavery society.


Noah Webster copyrighted the first edition of his dictionary.


The first pony express rider reached his destination of San Francisco. He left St. Joseph, Mo., on April 3.


Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.


The first kinetoscope parlor opened in New York City.


Titanic hit the iceberg that would sink her the next morning.


In a record breaking night at the Academy Awards, a tie between Katherine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand resulted in the two sharing the the Best Actress Oscar and Hepburn broke the record as the only actress to win three Best Actress Oscars.


Hugo Chávez returned as president of Venezuela after being forced out of office two days previously.


Abu Abbas, the leader of the terrorist group Palestine Liberation Front when the group hijacked the liner Achille Lauro, was captured by U.S. forces in Iraq.


An explosion in the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland results in a volcanic ash plume in the atmosphere over northern and central Europe. Air travel in the region is halted for several days.

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