This was 246th day of the year and 119 days remained in the year.

September 3 Birthdays

Louis Sullivan
1856–1924, American architect, b. Boston.

Mark Hopkins
merchant, railroad developer (1814)

Sarah Orne Jewett
novelist/writer (1849)

Edward Albert Filene
merchant (1860)

Charles Hamilton Houston
lawyer (1895)

Loren Eiseley
anthropologist (1907)

Alan Ladd
actor (1913)

September 3 in History


Richard I (the Lion-Hearted) was crowned king of England at Westminster Abbey.


Oliver Cromwell, the lord protector of England, died.


The Treaty of Paris officially ended the Revolutionary War between the United States and Great Britain.


Great Britain and France declared war on Germany during World War II.


Nguyen Van Thieu was elected president of South Vietnam.


Frank Robinson was named the first African-American manager in major league baseball.


The unmanned U.S. spacecraft Viking II landed on Mars and took the first pictures of the planet's surface.


Pope John Paul I was installed as the 264th pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.

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