This was 275th day of the year and 90 days remained in the year.

October 2 Birthdays

Mohandas Gandhi
1869–1948, Indian political and spiritual leader, born in Porbandar.

Nat Turner
civil rights leader (1800)

Wallace Stevens
poet (1879)

Groucho Marx
comedian (1890)

Graham Greene
novelist and playwright (1904)

Donna Karan
fashion designer (1948)

musician (1951)

October 2 in History


President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke, which left him partially paralyzed.


The two-month-long Warsaw Uprising was squelched by Nazi troops battling the Polish underground.


The "Peanuts" comic strip, by Charles M. Schultz, first appeared in newspapers.


Guinea proclaimed its independence from France.


Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first black associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Gene Autry, the singing cowboy and former owner of the Anaheim Angels baseball team, died at age 91.

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