This was 331st day of the year and 34 days remained in the year.

November 27 Birthdays

Alexander Haig
1924–, American General, Secretary of State.

Anders Celsius
astronomer (1701)

Charles A. Beard
historian (1874)

Chaim Weizmann
scientist and Zionist leader (1874)

James Agee
writer (1909)

Alexander Dubček
statesman (1921)

Bruce Lee
martial-arts actor (1940)

Jimi Hendrix
rock musician, guitarist (1942)

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
writer (1957)

November 27 in History


Lord Byron's daughter Ada died. She had assisted Charles Babbage with his "analytical engine" and is credited with inventing computer language.


Alfred Nobel signed his last will, which established the Nobel Prize.


New York's Pennsylvania Station opened.


Playwright Eugene O'Neill died in Boston at age 65.


Pope Paul VI was attacked at the Manila airport by a Bolivian painter disguised as a priest.


Gerald R. Ford was confirmed by the Senate to become vice president, succeeding Spiro T. Agnew.


President Bush secretly flew to Iraq to spend Thanksgiving with the troops.

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