This was 320th day of the year and 45 days remained in the year.

November 16 Birthdays

Emperor Tiberius
42 B.C.–37 A.D., Second Roman Emperor.

W. C. Handy
songwriter (1873)

George S. Kaufman
dramatist and journalist (1889)

Burgess Meredith
actor (1907)

Jose Saramago
novelist (1922)

Chinua Achebe
writer (1930)

Elizabeth Drew
journalist (1935)

Robert Nozick
political philosopher (1938)

Maggie Gyllenhaal
actor (1977)

November 16 in History


General Sherman and his troops began their "March to the sea" during the Civil War.


Oklahoma became the 46th state.


The United States and the Soviet Union established diplomatic relations.


President Nixon signed the bill authorizing the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.


President George W. Bush nominated Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as secretary of state.

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