This was 344th day of the year and 22 days remained in the year.

December 9 Birthdays

John Milton
1608–1674, English Poet.

Joel Chandler Harris
humorist (1848)

Jean de Brunhoff
author and illustrator (1899)

Margaret Hamilton
actor (1902)

Grace Hopper
ear admiral; computer scientist (1906)

Thomas P O'Neill
political leader (1912)

Kirk Douglas
actor (1916)

John Cassavetes
actor and director (1929)

Junior Wells
musician (1934)

Dame Judi Dench
actress (1934)

Tom Daschle
U.S. senator (1947)

John Malkovich
actor (1953)

Felicity Huffman
actor (1962)

Crown Princess Masako
royalty (1963)

December 9 in History


China declared war against Japan, Germany, and Italy.


The anti-Communist John Birch Society was formed.


"A Charlie Brown Christmas" premiered.


Lech Walesa was elected president of Poland.


U.S. astronauts completed repair work on the Hubble Space Telescope.


Archaeologist and anthropologist Mary Leakey died in Kenya at age 83.

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