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Italy earthquake: Aftershocks hamper rescue efforts
Hundreds of aftershocks rock areas of central Italy devastated by an earthquake that left at least 250 people dead, hampering rescuers.
US election: Trump calls Hillary Clinton a 'bigot'
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accuses Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of being a "bigot" in his latest appeal to minority voters.
Bad weather takes toll on French wine production
French wine production is likely to be 10% lower this year than in 2015 because of a spring frost and a heatwave now.
France 'burkini ban': Court to decide on beach fines
A top French court is being asked to overturn bans imposed by almost 30 towns and cities on women wearing full-body swimsuits or "burkinis".
Kenya athletes angry at Rio shanty accommodation
Kenyan athletes are stranded in a Rio shanty town where gunshots can be heard, after the closure of the Olympic village, the team captain says.
Prince's Paisley Park home to open to the public
The private estate and studio complex that belonged to Prince is to open to the public, six months after his death.
Turkey warns Syrian Kurds to withdraw east of Euphrates
Turkey threatens further intervention in northern Syria unless Kurdish-led forces withdraw east of the River Euphrates within a week.
Storm threats to Florida and Gulf Coast
A tropical system brewing in the Caribbean could strengthen into a hurricane before hitting Florida and the Gulf Coast in the coming days.
Colombians celebrate as peace deal is reached with Farc rebels
Colombians celebrate the announcement of a historic peace agreement to put an end to more than five decades of conflict.
US urges action over 'Syrian chemical attacks'
The US leads calls for "strong and swift action" after a UN investigation concludes that the Syrian government used chlorine gas against its own people
Indian man carries dead wife's body for 12km
An impoverished man in India carries his wife's body for 12km after the hospital where she died allegedly failed to provide a vehicle to transport her body.
Czech hiker found after a month in New Zealand mountain hut
A missing Czech hiker is found sheltering in a remote mountain hut in New Zealand, telling police her partner fell to his death a month ago.
Drone footage reveals quake destruction
Drone footage shows extent of Italy quake destruction in Pescara del Tronto
Children pulled from Italian earthquake rubble alive
Footage shows children being pulled from Italian earthquake rubble alive
How Americans responded to Nigel Farage
Outgoing UKIP leader Nigel Farage addressed supporters of US presidential candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Mississippi.
'I was fined for wearing hijab on beach' in Cannes
Siam, 34, was recently fined by police on the beach in Cannes for wearing leggings, a tunic and a headscarf.
Transplant patient: 'My third face'
Patrick Hardison, the volunteer fireman who underwent the world's most extensive face transplant, on his new-found hope.
Starbucks cafe destroyed as tornadoes strike Indiana
A Starbucks cafe was one of several buildings destroyed after being hit by a tornado, in the town of Kokomo, Indianapolis. Only minor injuries have been reported in the area.
Colombians welcome Farc peace agreement deal
After more than three years of peace talks in Cuba, the Colombian Government and the left wing guerrilla group, the FARC, have reached a final peace deal.
Lawnmower prompts Northern Lights alert
A lawnmower has been blamed for wrongly triggering sensors that predict when the Northern Lights will be visible in the UK.
Finding Gobi: Runner reunited with marathon companion dog
A runner and the dog which joined him on a Chinese ultra-marathon, winning fans worldwide, are reunited after "Gobi" goes missing in China.
Shanghai mulls removing English from street signs
Highways agency says getting rid of English and pinyin would make more space for Chinese characters.
China jaywalkers given instant road safety lesson
Jaywalkers in a Chinese city are taken to a classroom and taught about traffic rules.
Fruit smugglers 'upgrade' Russian border road
Route on the Russian-Belarusian border is secretly upgraded by fruit smugglers.
Crying game
Japanese companies are paying for employees to attend "crying workshops".
'We don't care'
Canada's largest annual fair installs gender-neutral toilets with new signs that read "we don't care".
Tiny tribute
A tiny marsupial lion, extinct for at least 18 million years, is named after Sir David Attenborough after fossilised remains are found in remote Australia.
No laughing matter
Pedro Almodovar on why his 20th film is his most serious yet.
Ghost town
The largest town that Boko Haram ever controlled still lies in ruins, frozen in time nearly 18 months after Nigeria's military recaptured it, writes the BBC's Martin Patience.
Campaigning firms
A look at the growing number of businesses who are trying to make a positive difference to society by speaking out on societal or political issues, and their reasons for doing so.
Austrian tragedy
A year after 71 people suffocated in the back of an airless lorry on its way to Austria, Bethany Bell and Nick Thorpe retrace the journey and ask what went wrong.
Good old days
A survey by Pew Research found that supporters of Trump and Clinton have very different opinions about America's past.
Lights, camera, tsunami
A slick music video in which a US invasion force is destroyed by a patriotic tsunami has upset Iranian conservatives.
Sleep your way to the top
Successful bosses often boast of how little they sleep, but is sleeping more better for your career?
Ghost weddings
The alleged murder of two women in China, reportedly so their bodies could be used in ghost weddings, shines a light on an ancient and enduring Chinese ritual.
Go-getters in the ghetto
France's immigrant suburbs have a terrible image and are accused of breeding jihadists, but there is a hidden, dynamic side to them, says Henri Astier.
Donkeys and dogs
Pyongyang's Central Zoo, home to elephants, turtles and a surprisingly large variety of dogs, re-opened its doors after some two years of renovations.
Prison ramen
A new study suggests ramen noodles are now the most valuable prison commodity. Why and how do inmates whip up their own delicacies?
Female gaze
Indian woman takes on the trolls after writing in defence of the female gaze.
Into the lion's den?
As US Vice-President Joe Biden arrives in the Turkish capital, how do relations between the two countries stand?