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Colombia Farc rebels announce definitive ceasefire
The main leftist rebel group in Colombia, the Farc, announces a definitive ceasefire from midnight, ending one of the world's longest insurgencies.
Brexit may send EU 'down the drain' - German vice chancellor
Germany's vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says the EU could go "down the drain" if Brexit is handled badly and that the UK cannot keep the "nice things" without any responsibility.
Syria war: Turkey kills 25 people in latest round of air strikes
Turkey says it has killed 25 militants near Jarablus in Syria, while a monitoring group reports 35 civilian deaths in same area.
Iraq asks Saudi Arabia to remove ambassador
The Iraqi government asks for the Saudi ambassador to Baghdad to be replaced over comments he made about Iran's involvement in Iraq.
Nasa ends year-long Mars simulation on Hawaii
A team of six people complete a Nasa-funded Mars simulation in Hawaii, after living in a dome in near isolation for a year.
Heavy casualties as Libyan forces advance on IS in Sirte
At least 34 fighters loyal to Libya's unity government are killed as militia push into the last areas of the coastal city of Sirte held by so-called Islamic State.
Paris restaurant 'refuses to serve Muslim women'
A video showing a French restaurateur apparently calling all Muslims terrorists and refusing to serve two Muslim women sparks anger and calls for protests.
Italy earthquake: Museums to donate Sunday revenue to quake relief
Sunday's proceeds from state museums across Italy are to be donated to relief work in the earthquake zone as the country rallies around those affected.
Philippines: IS-linked Maute group inmates freed in 'raid'
Muslim militants linked to so-called Islamic State are freed from jail in the Philippines in what officials say was a deal made to look like a "raid".
Germany's Sigmar Gabriel defends middle finger gesture
Germany's economy minister and vice-chancellor has defended flicking the middle finger to a group of right-wing protesters earlier this month.
Iran arrests nuclear deal negotiator on spying charge
Iranian authorities say they arrested a man on suspicion of spying during the landmark nuclear deal negotiations with the West.
Uzbek President Islam Karimov in hospital
Islam Karimov - president of Uzbekistan since 1991 - has been taken to hospital, the government says, amid rumours that he is seriously ill.
Born a refugee: Syria's war babies
More than 300,000 babies have been born as refugees since the start of the Syrian civil war.
Funerals held in Italy as search for survivors continues
Funerals for some of the victims of Wednesday's earthquake are being held in Italy, while rescuers continue the search for more survivors.
Cars stranded in flooded underpass in Turkey capital
Dozens of motorists are stranded when heavy rain flooded an underpass in the Turkish capital of Ankara.
Solo pilot, 18, completes around-the-world flight
Australian teenager Lachlan Smart has become the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a single-engine aircraft.
Inside a Philippines prison drugs raid
The BBC witnesses a prison raid in one of Manila's biggest jails - the latest offensive in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs.
Ukraine's new hottest holiday location?
Can Odessa become Ukraine's new hot tourism ticket?
Mariachi's holiday snaps with a message
Karim Hauser's Instagram account, 'Mariachi in transit' sees him place himself as a mariachi in unexpected settings.
Passengers post pictures of plane's engine 'blown apart'
A Southwest Airlines flight bound for Orlando in Florida had to make an emergency landing after a major problem with one of its two engines.
Micronesia: Couple rescued from desert island after SOS spotted in sand
Seven-day search ends when giant SOS sign is seen by helicopter on beach of uninhabited island.
South Korea's new drive to boost flagging birth rate
Government hopes more fertility treatment funding will bring about a baby boom.
Swedes urged to deposit 41m invalid banknotes
Millions of old Swedish banknotes are still in circulation despite a looming deadline to deposit them.
Shanghai mulls removing English from street signs
Highways agency says getting rid of English and pinyin would make more space for Chinese characters.
'Bare branches'
Xiong Jigen, 43, is one of many men inside China's remote "bachelor village', where bad roads and few women make it hard to find a wife.
Back to the tents?
Pakistan has told all three million Afghan refugees within its borders to leave - causing chaos on its borders, the BBC's M Ilyas Khan reports.
Vaccine sprint
Africa's worst yellow fever outbreak in 30 years prompts a race to protect millions of people from the disease, complicated by a shortage of vaccines.
Norwegian icebreaker
The BBC's Will Grant meets the Norwegian man who played a central role in years of negotiations between Farc rebels and the Colombian government
High-energy worship
Twice a week, Muslims from the North Caucasus region of Russia pray using a unique group movement. BBC Pop Up asked them what Zikr means to them.