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China hits back at US over South China Sea claims
A Trump spokesman sparked alarm by saying the US would protect its South China Sea interests.
Rigopiano Hotel avalanche: Five bodies found, 15 still missing
Five more victims are found, but firefighters hope there may be survivors behind a concrete wall.
Model Hanne Gaby Odiele reveals she is intersex to 'break taboo'
Hanne Gaby Odiele reveals she was born with undescended testicles, saying it is 'not a big deal'.
Syria conflict: Astana peace talks seek to reinforce truce
The UN says both sides are "not far" from a declaration, but rebels say they will not sign anything.
UK government loses Brexit vote appeal
Parliament must vote on whether the government can start Brexit, the Supreme Court rules.
Rex Tillerson: Trump foreign affairs pick narrowly backed
Rex Tillerson is now set to become secretary of state, after a busy day for the new Trump presidency.
Giulio Regeni: Egypt airs video of murdered Italian student
Footage shows Cambridge University researcher being repeatedly asked for money before his murder.
Who is set for an Oscar nomination?
La La Land and Moonlight are tipped to feature when this year's Oscar nominations are revealed later.
BT shares plunge 19% on Italian scandal
BT shares dive after it uncovers "inappropriate behaviour" at its Italian unit stretching back years.
Comedy writer Rich 'suspended' over Barron Trump jibe
Saturday Night Live's Katie Rich has said sorry for a tweet mocking the US president's youngest son.
Pakistani police rescue 24 from organ trafficking gang
Alert raised after patients from UK, Canada and Australia develop complications following kidney transplants.
Australia and New Zealand to pursue 'TPP 12 minus one'
Nations hope to move forward with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal after America withdraws.
President Trump's first working day - what did he do?
Donald Trump met business leaders and scrapped a major trade deal on his first day in the Oval office
Anti-Trump rant woman removed from plane
A passenger is removed from an Alaska Airlines flight for berating the President Trump supporter seated next to her.
Italy avalanche: Puppies rescued from hotel after five days
Italian emergency workers find three puppies alive in the hotel boiler room after five days.
How will President Trump deliver on border wall promise?
His first campaign promise was to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. How will he deliver?
In numbers: Chinese New Year exodus
Nearly 15m people are preparing to leave Beijing alone as the country welcomes the Year of the Rooster.
What we can learn from the Dutch approach to bringing up kids
A British mum who lives in Amsterdam and an Asian-American are sharing their insights in a book called The Happiest Kids in the World.
Dairy farmers launch powdery protest
Dairy farmers launch a protest at the EU Council headquarters in Brussels on Monday.
Westport residents plagued by calls to X-rated Babestation
County Mayo residents are hit by calls to X-rated TV channel Babestation after a phone number blunder.
Australian Open: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga shares heartfelt letter from ball girl
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga shares a thank you note from a ball girl named Giuliana, whom he helped at the 2016 Australian Open.
Calls for Swiss army to accept overweight recruits
MPs say weight should be overlooked to combat the military's skills shortage.
China city unveils parking spaces for toilet breaks
Spaces marked on main roads in Xi'an have 15 minute time limit for drivers caught short.
New Zealand imports insects to fight plant invader
Country makes exception to its strict environmental policy to rid itself of giant reeds.
Rebel with a cause
What does the rise of left-wing presidential hopeful Benoit Hamon say about France's Socialists?
'Help me find my family'
How a 19-year-old Swiss man's appeal for information on his birth family led to a huge response.
TV from the sun
Households without mains electricity in rural areas of Kenya can now receive solar-powered satellite TV.
Making a statement
Chinese hotels are using art to try and stand out from their competitors, but does it make business sense?
Gambians have celebrated the end of Yahya Jammeh's 22-year rule but things are unlikely to change fast.
Making a statement
Texan Christy Kroboth used to have a quiet job in a dentist's surgery. Now she spends her time jumping on animals many times her size - and taping their jaws tightly shut.
Loo paper hunt
Chief executive contender Carrie Lam's taxi ride for a humble toilet roll sets tongues wagging.
Missing millions
Nearly three years after Ebola hit Sierra Leone, millions of dollars in funds raised to fight the deadly virus have still not been accounted for.
President Trump promised to hit the ground running, so what will his first economic policy steps be?
'Significant piece'
The opal dubbed the Fire of Australia is back on public display after 70 years in a safe deposit box.
Thanks Bill
How Andy Kuper built investment firm Leapfrog, which aims to help pull people out of poverty in the developing world by investing in insurance and healthcare firms.
'An Unsuitable Boy'
Karan Johar has been criticised for not setting an example for gays in India.
Home solutions
Nigeria's largest city Lagos is facing a housing crisis. The BBC's Nancy Kacungira looks at how entrepreneurs are trying to solve the crisis.
Bar none
How a design originally drawn in the sand led to the growth of giant supermarkets.