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Brexit: France, Germany and Italy to discuss UK's EU exit
The leaders of France, Germany and Italy are set to discuss the fallout of Brexit, as the UK seeks to calm financial markets.
Spanish election: PP wins most seats but deadlock remains
The conservative People's Party of PM Mariano Rajoy wins most seats in Spain's election but is again short of a majority.
Lionel Messi: Argentina forward retires from international football
Argentina and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, 29, retires from international football after missing in a penalty shootout.
Singapore Airlines plane catches fire after emergency landing
A Singapore Airlines plane bound for Milan catches fire shortly after making an emergency landing at Singapore's Changi airport.
Lebanon: Christian village hit by multiple suicide attacks
At least five people have been killed in multiple suicide bombings in a mainly Christian village in north-eastern Lebanon, medics say.
Wimbledon 2016: Novak Djokovic to open defence against James Ward
Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Garbine Muguruza feature on day one at Wimbledon, along with eight Britons.
Clashes at white-supremacist rally in Sacramento leave 10 injured
At least 10 people are wounded, two seriously, in clashes between right-wing extremists and counter-protesters in Sacramento, California.
Pope Francis says Church should apologise to gays
Pope Francis says the Roman Catholic Church should apologise to gay people for the way it has treated them.
First voyage through expanded Panama canal
A Chinese container ship has become the first vessel to sail into the newly expanded Panama Canal.
IS claims suicide attack against Jordanian troops
The so-called Islamic State group says it carried out a suicide attack that killed six Jordanian security personnel on the border with Syria.
Madagascar stadium blast kills two
A grenade explosion kills at least two people and wounds dozens during Madagascar's national day celebrations in the capital, officials say.
Italian mafia boss caught after 20 years on run
One of Italy's most wanted mafia bosses is caught after 20 years on the run, with the authorities finding him asleep in his bed.
Footage shows Singapore Airlines engine fire
A Singapore Airlines flight caught fire while making an emergency landing. All passengers and crew were safely evacuated.
Brexit: Just how divided is Britain?
To what extent does the referendum result show a divided Britain? We explore the data.
'Millennials' send message to EU leaders
"Millennials" in Brussels - people who reached adulthood at the turn of the century - send their personal message to Europe's leaders, after the UK voted to leave the European Union.
EU referendum: How these families living in the UK feel
After the UK's decision to leave the EU, some families are worried it could have an impact on them, if they have moved to Britain from other EU countries.
Oklahoma in the US opens first abortion clinic in 30 years
The first new abortion clinic in more than three decades is opening in the US state of Oklahoma, weeks after politicians in the state backed a bill to ban abortion there.
Lithuania's 'Top Goat' beauty pageant
An unusual beauty contest has been taking place in Lithuania. There were no swimsuits or speeches - instead, the contestants went down the red carpet on all fours, as the BBC's Tim Allman explains.
'I'm grateful to Europe for...'
We might be leaving the EU, but there are some things about Europe we like.
Giant panda in Macau gives birth to twins
Xin Xin, a giant panda living in Macau, gives birth to two male twins fathered by Kai Kai, the first pandas to be born in the Chinese region.
Prince's guitar and a lock of Bowie's hair fetch $150,000 at US auction
An electric guitar owned by Prince and a lock of David Bowie's hair sell in the US for a total of more than $150,000 (110,000).
Stock market rebel
A profile of stockbroker Brad Katsuyama, who devised a way to prevent the controversial practice of high frequency trading on the US financial markets.
Fringe antics
The leaders of Australia's major parties may be "boring", but there is still action to be found on the fringes of the country's election campaign.
Schezwan dosa anyone?
Food writer Samar Halarnkar explains what Indians have done to Chinese and other cuisines of the world.
'Fat cats'
Iranians have taken to publishing their payslips online, angered by revelations that managers in some state companies enjoy surprisingly high salaries.
50 years on
Fifty years ago this week Barclaycard issued the first credit cards in the UK. Simon Read looks at how the plastic card changed our relationship with money.
Hurt and anger
The UK will soon be leaving the EU. How do immigrants in Britain feel it will affect them?
England v Iceland: Raheem Sterling set to start in Roy Hodgson's 'win or bust' tie
Raheem Sterling is expected to play in what England boss Roy Hodgson accepts is a "win or bust" match against Iceland in the Euro 2016 last-16.
'Why England will beat Iceland'
'We will open Iceland up' - BBC pundit Danny Murphy gives his verdict on England's opponents in the last 16 at Euro 2016.
Euro 2016: Spain face 'almost perfect' Italy in last 16
Spain striker Alvaro Morata warns his side face an "almost tactically perfect" Italy in their last-16 tie.