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They Won't Believe Me (1947)

Rating:No Rating
Release Date:January 1, 1947
Cast:Jane Greer, Susan Hayward, Robert Young, Rita Johnson
Director:Irving Pichel
Producer:Jack J. Gross
Writer:Jonathan Latimer
Distributor:RKO Pictures

Description: Larry Ballentine's witness-stand testimony in the trial for the murder of his girlfriend Verna Carlson, recollects the events that lead up to his current predicament. Larry has been cheating on his rich wife Gretta for some time, first with magazine writer Janice Bell and then with Verna. Although Gretta is aware of Larry's infidelities, Gretta cannot manage to leave him. Instead she she uses her money to hold on to him. She sabotages his attempt to run off with Janice by buying him a partnership in a brokerage firm. Then, when she discovers his plan to flee with Verna, she sells her interest, leaving Larry unemployed and penniless. But when the lovers decide to run off anyway, Larry's life suddenly becomes even more complicated than it already is.

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