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The Brothers McMullen

Release Date:August 11, 1995
Running time:97 minutes
Cast:Edward Burns, Jack Mulcahy, Michael McGlone, Connie Britton, Maxine Bahns

Description: When you're a good Irish Catholic, you choose one person to be with for the rest of your life. How can you be sure when you've found the One? Mrs. McMullen found out the hard way--and had to wait until her good-for-nothing husband kicked the bucket before returning to her true love in Ireland. On the day of the funeral, she leaves her sons with these fateful parting words: don't make the same mistake. Five years later, the brothers McMullen are lost in a haze of romantic confusion. Jack's tempted to have an affair, Barry's desperately running away from any woman who wants a commitment for a second date, and Patrick is helplessly romantic and incurably Catholic. The brothers McMullen learn exactly what their mother meant, as each gropes blindly towards--or flees in panic from--true love.

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