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The Basileus Quartet

Rating:No Rating
Release Date:January 1, 1982
Running time:128 minutes
Cast:Héctor Alterio, Alain Cuny, Omero Antonutti, Mimsy Farmer, Gabriele Ferzetti
Director:Fabio Carpi
Producer:Elisabetta Fogazarro, Arturo La Pegna
Writer:Fabio Carpi
Distributor:Libra Cinema 5

Description: The internationally renowned string quartet had been performing together for most of their adult lives when their lead violinist suddenly died, leaving the remaining three confused about their lives and careers. Up till then, all they had known were the rigors of constant practice and traveling. Music was everything, and they never took the time to sample Life's other pleasures. The trio decide to split up, but then a young violinist shows up and convinces them to reform the group and let him take over. He is one of the most talented players they have ever heard and the quartet once again makes sweet music. But as good as he is on stage, the youth is a wild man off stage who freely smokes dope, sleeps with fans, and parties whenever he can. Seeing that his private life has not affected the brilliance of his playing and even suspecting that it may even improve his playing, the three old players are thrown into personal tail spins as they look back at their own austere life choices.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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