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Sweet Talk

Rating:No Rating
Genre:Drama, Action/Adventure
Release Date:December 13, 2013
Running time:92 minutes
Cast:Karen Austin, Devion Andrez Coleman, John Glover, Lindsay Hollister, Anzu Lawson
Director:Terri Hanauer
Writer:Peter Lefcourt
Distributor:Sweet Talk Productions

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Description: A blocked writer and a troubled young woman, both at loose ends in their lives, meet over a phone sex line. After some provocative verbal dueling, they take an unexpected journey that turns out to be a great deal more romantic and exciting than either of them suspected. This adventure takes them to Budapest on the eve of World War I where she is a wealthy countess and he is an assassin and then to Vienna in 1939 where he is a wounded Resistance fighter and she is his private nurse, trying to reawaken life inside him. The experience unlocks their imagination, enables them to explore the parameters of eroticism, and provides them with some clarity about their lives. "Sweet Talk" is a sexy and poetic film about the transformative power of storytelling.

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