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Skyline Cruisers

Rating:No Rating
Genre:Drama, Action/Adventure
Release Date:January 1, 2000
Running time:89 minutes
Cast:Leon Lai, Jordan Chan, Qi Shu, Sam Lee, Michelle Saram
Director:Wilson Yip
Writer:Sze-kit Chan, Chi-kin Kwok

Description: A team of adventurers are out to save the world in this tongue-in-cheek action comedy from Hong Kong. Mac (Leon Lai), Michelle (Michelle Saram), Bird (Jordan Chan), and Sam (Sam Lee) are the Skyline Cruisers, a team of elite, super-intelligent, crime-fighting secret agents who are called in for only the most important assignments. When it's learned that arch-villain Kam (Patrick Lung) has stolen the latest innovation from one of the world's leading medical research labs -- a possible cure for cancer -- the Skyline Cruisers are sent into action, and they travel to Kuala Lumpur to track down Kam's compound and bring back the formula. However, the Cruisers are met by an unexpected ally -- June (Shu Qi), who says she's Kam's secretary and wants to help them recover the drug. San Tau Chi Saidoi was originally announced as a sequel to the 1997 Hong Kong hit Downtown Torpedoes, though the producers later denied any connection between the two films.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

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