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Shadow Hours

Rating:R (for strong violence, sexuality, masochistic images, drug use and language)
Release Date:July 14, 2000
Running time:95 minutes
Cast:Balthazar Getty, Brad Dourif, Peter Weller, Frederic Forrest, Rebecca Gayheart
Director:Isaac H. Eaton
Producer:Peter McAlevey, Isaac H. Eaton
Writer:Isaac H. Eaton
Distributor:Newmark Films

Description: Michael Halloway is a recovering addict. He has a real job as a night clerk in a gas station, and more importantly, he is married to the woman who has supported him through his trek to sobriety and is now about to give birth to their child. In short, he is on the road to the straight and narrow. But at his post in the glass-enclosed booth in this netherworld of Los Angeles, he is surrounded by creatures of the night: junkies, bums, prostitutes, drunks, and scavengers who regularly test his patience with the monotony of the long night's routine and annoyances. And then one evening, he meets the elegant and enigmatic Stuart Chappell, a writer doing research in the dens of iniquity of Los Angeles nightlife. He is quickly seduced into accompanying Chappell on his nocturnal forays, which opens up a universe of unmarked doors to a full spectrum of Dionysian pleasures and debauchery.

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