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Sex Tax: Based on a True Story

Rating:No Rating
Release Date:October 1, 2010
Running time:95 minutes
Cast:John Livingston, Erin Cardillo, Dana Green, Fiona Gubelmann, Angell Conwell
Director:John Borges
Producer:David Landsberg
Writer:David Landsberg
Distributor:National Lampoon

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Description: As an auditor for the IRS, Stephen Billings spends his days dealing with angry and terrified taxpayers who try to justify their creative and often ridiculous deductions. When Steven is given an assignment to audit the Hen House Ranch, a legal Brothel in Nevada, he pursues this endeavor with the passion of a man on a mission of truth and justice. He just didn't count on all of the prostitutes, crooked congressman, cheating business leaders and vicious gangsters he was about to find himself in bed with. The journey of the unlikely hero takes many paths. This is one of them and it's strewn with chaos, criminals and condoms.

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