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Morning Raga

Rating:No Rating
Release Date:January 1, 2003
Running time:110 minutes
Cast:Shabana Azmi, Prakash Rao, Lillete Dubey, Perizaad Zorabian, Shaleen Sharma
Director:Mahesh Dattani
Producer:K. Raghavendra Rao
Writer:Mahesh Dattani

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Description: Men, women and children in a South Indian village are filled with excitement at their journey into the city, oblivious to the tragedy that is about to befall upon them. An accident that leaves many villagers coping with the loss of loved ones. Swarnalatha was a talented singer with a burning ambition to perform in the city. She lost her child and her best friend in the accident that fateful morning. She believes that she is cursed and holds herself responsible for the tragedy. She now spends her time in a self-imposed exile never daring to cross the bridge to the city ever. Abhinay who lost his mother in the accident was a child when the tragedy struck his life. Not satisfied with his job in the city he sets out to start a music band. But he knows something is missing in his music and he constantly strives to find that missing 'note.' Priyanka (Pinkie) a young urban girl finds herself drawn to the same village as she is also affected by the tragedy and discovers an unfortunate truth about the accident. With her mother's support, she wants to redeem herself by helping the villagers. Her relationship with her mother takes on a new dimension in the process. Pinkie helps Abhinay to start a group together but they are disappointed by the lukewarm response to their music. Abhinay returns to his village and discovers Swarnalatha's singing voice. He realizes that the missing element in his music is present in her singing. He must have Swarnalatha to accomplish his music. But Swarnalatha who holds herself and her ambitions responsible for the tragedy will not sing in public, although she wants the young couple to succeed. Can the three of them succeed in overcoming their demons from the past and move ahead?

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