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Mi verano con Amanda: The Last Summer (Mi verano con Amanda 3)

Rating:No Rating
Genre:Action/Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Release Date:April 18, 2014
Running time:93 minutes
Cast:Natalia Rivera, Michael J. Morris, Erik Rodriguez, Enrique Puig, Lian Machin
Director:Benjamin Lopez
Producer:Eduardo Correa
Writer:Benjamin Lopez
Distributor:Orlando Film Studios, Inc.

Web Site: http://www.miveranoconamandaorlando.com

Description: It's summertime and the usual gang, Fabio, Chicho, and RS reunite. This time Fabio suffers from "pers├ęcolis" a psychological illness that makes him think that he is being constantly followed. Tired of this situation, his friends decide to take him to a "naturopath." A very peculiar doctor, Charles Manson established on the exotic Puerto Rican Island of Culebra, where goofing around is the norm. On their trip they go through a series of uncanny and fun adventures, meet Amanda and her friends, and end up discovering that they have grown up and that responsibility has caught up with their merry lives, which will make this final summer and unforgettable one.

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