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Let's Talk About Sex

Rating:R (for explicit sex-related dialogue throughout, some sex scenes, nudity, language and drug content)
Release Date:September 11, 1998
Running time:90 minutes
Cast:Troy Beyer, Randi Ingerman, Paget Brewster, Joseph C. Phillips, Michaline Babich
Director:Troy Beyer
Producer:Deborah Ridpath
Writer:Troy Beyer
Distributor:Fine Line

Description: An intimate look at mating and dating in the nineties from the female perspective. First time director Troy Beyer stars as Jazz, a budding talk show host, who enlists her roommates, Lena and Michelle, to help her gather interview footage that she plans to edit as a talk show pitch. The three set out to interview over 250 real women on the streets of South Beach, and what they discover, not only about their subjects but about themselves, turns out to be much more revealing than they had anticipated. The candid interview footage, intercut with the evolving stories of the three women, lays the groundwork for erotic, emotional and sometimes outrageous results.

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