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Ballet in Cinema: The Royal Ballet's "La Fille Mal Gardee" Encore

Rating:No Rating
Release Date:April 7, 2013
Running time:131 minutes
Cast:Roberta Marquez, Steven McRaue, Philip Mosley, Ludovic Ondiviela, Gary Avis
Director:Frederick Ashton, Barry Wordsworth
Distributor:Emerging Pictures

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Description: "Fille is a treasure," says Monica Mason, Director of The Royal Ballet. Anyone who has seen this sunniest of ballets will certainly agree. With its origins in a work first seen in Bordeaux in 1789, La Fille mal gardée had been staged by several choreographers in the 19th century. Frederick Ashton brought the work into the 20th century and created an instant classic which has never left The Royal Ballet's repertory. The simple story of Lise, her suitor Colas and Lise's larger-than-life mother, the Widow Simone, who tries to marry her off to the simpleton son of a rich neighbor, is full of delicious comedy but also wonderful, characterful choreography. Funny and touching, La Fille mal gardée is the perfect ballet for first-timers of all ages, but it is also one to which ballet-lovers will return again and again with renewed pleasure at every performance.

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