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God's Pocket

Rating:R (for violence, language throughout and sexual content)
Release Date:May 9, 2014
Running time:87 minutes
Cast:Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christina Hendricks, Eddie Marsan, John Turturro, Richard Jenkins
Director:John Slattery
Writer:Peter Dexter
Distributor:IFC Films

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Description: In the gritty, blue-collar neighborhood of God's Pocket, Mickey Scarpato's crazy stepson, Leon, is killed in a construction "accident," and Mickey quickly tries to bury the bad news with the body. But when a local columnist comes sniffing around for the truth, things go from bad to worse. Mickey finds himself stuck in a life-and-death struggle compounded by a body he can't bury, a wife he can't please, and a debt he can't pay.

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