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Billy Elliot

Rating:R (for language)
Genre:Drama, Musical
Release Date:November 3, 2000
Running time:90 minutes
Cast:Julie Walters, Jamie Bell, Jamie Draven, Gary Lewis, Jean Heywood
Director:Stephen Daldry
Producer:Greg Brenman, Jon Finn
Writer:Lee Hall

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Description: The life of a miner's son in Northern England is forever changed one day when he stumbles upon a ballet class on his way to boxing lessons. Joining the class and keeping it a secret from his widowed father and overbearing brother, 11-year-old Billy finds himself in dance, demonstrating the kind of raw talent seldom seen by the class's exacting instructor, Mrs. Wilkinson. She encourages him to try out for the Royal Ballet. But when his father and brother find out and forbid him to continue, Billy is torn between his responsibility to his family and to the gift with which he has been blessed. His overwhelming desire to dance has become much more to him that simply a means of self-expression. It is his passion and it is his destiny.

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