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Better Than Sex

Rating:R (for some violence and language)
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Release Date:October 26, 2001
Running time:95 minutes
Cast:Simon Bossell, Imelda Corcoran, Catherine McClements, Susie Porter, David Wenham
Director:Jonathan Teplitzky
Producer:Bruna Papandrea, Frank Cox
Writer:Jonathan Teplitzky
Distributor:Samuel Goldwyn Films

Description: While visiting Sydney, Aussie wildlife photographer Josh meets Cin, a dressmaker, at a party just three days before he's to return to his job in London. During a shared taxi ride ripe with sexual tension, both Josh and Cin privately weigh the pros and cons of a one-night stand and come to the same conclusion--why not? Immediately, they hop into bed at Cin's studio and share a blissful night of sexual adventure that doesn't end the next morning. Josh and Cin soon find themselves enjoying an intense three days of nonstop sex and talk. As they get to know each other ever more intimately, the two strangers begin to wonder whether what they are experiencing is something even better than sex--could this be love?

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