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Amy's Orgasm

Rating:R (for strong sexual content including dialogue, and for language)
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Release Date:August 23, 2002
Running time:85 minutes
Cast:Julie Davis, Nick Chinlund, Jeff Cesario, Mitchell Whitfield, Jennifer Bransford
Director:Julie Davis
Producer:Julie Davis, Fred Kramer Scott Mandell
Writer:Julie Davis
Distributor:Without a Box

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Description: Amy Mandell is a smart, sexy, 29-year old self-help author--and media darling--who, having been burned by men over and over, has made it her mission to convince women that they don't need men to establish their self-worth. Hence -- stay single and celibate and you will complete yourself without the help of a man. Fine in theory - but not so fine in practice for a woman whose most intimate relationship is with her vibrator, and whose professional cynicism may be the very thing keeping her from discovering what's missing in her own life. Suffering from a deep fraud complex, Amy finds her only solace in confession, where she can truly let down her guard to the most neutral of listeners - the priest. Little does she know the frustrations he feels as she talks about her relationship shortcomings and colorful sexual escapades. Is he falling in love with her, or simply living vicariously through this neurotic Jewish girl who frequents his booth? But when Amy meets Matthew Starr, a shock jock known for his sexist on-air antics, irresistible charm, and sexual prowess, she takes on the ultimate challenge. This man calls her on her fears, and recognizes the sexual repression that is driving her nuts. He is sure he can help. Despite the protests of her controlling publicist, Janet, and her loyal fans, Amy finally throws down her guard and dares to experience the most elusive orgasm of all - love.

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