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100 Days

Rating:No Rating
Release Date:January 1, 2000
Running time:90 minutes
Director:Nick Hughes

Description: Baptiste is ready to have sex but his grilfriend Josette refuses, saying that once they marry they will have all the time in the world to enjoy each other. She could never have predicted that by the day's end, all the time in their world would have expired. The powerful Hutus have grown tired of the rebel Tutsis and are inciting Hutus everywhere to kill their neighbours. Within a few days, bands of machete-wielding Hutus are forcing their Tutsi neighbours to flee. As mayhem ensues, the couple is separated. Josette and her family are herded with hundreds of other Tutsis into a Catholic church presided over by a sadistic priest. Josette is locked away and kept as the priest's wife, enduring nights of systematic rape. The Belgian army, sent to protect those in the church, are quickly called away and it is not long before the Hutus attack, massacring hundreds of men, women and children. Josette survives, but only as a shell of her former self.

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