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Baltimore Orioles

Batting (125 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Gary Matthews Jr..276344549573815
Jeff Conine.2734514412315638
Jerry Hairston Jr..2684265511453221
Chris Singleton.2624666712295020
Marty Cordova.2534585511618641
Jay Gibbons.2474907112128691
Tony Batista.2446159015031875
Melvin Mora.23355786130196416
Chris Richard.23215515364210
Geronimo Gil*.232422339812452
Mike Bordick.23236737858367
Brook Fordyce.231130730181
Brian Roberts.22712818291119
Acquired: Matthews Jr. from NYM for P John Bale (Apr. 3).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Buddy Groom1.603-27062.01248
Jorge Julio*1.995-66768.02755
Willis Roberts3.365-46675.03251
Rodrigo Lopez*3.5715-933196.262136
Rick Bauer*3.986-75683.23645
Sidney Ponson4.097-928176.063120
Jason Johnson4.595-1422131.14197
B.J. Ryan4.682-16757.23356
Chris Brock4.702-12244.01421
Travis Driskill*4.958-829132.24878
Scott Erickson5.555-1229160.26874
Calvin Maduro5.562-51256.22229
Sean Douglass*6.080-51553.13544
John Stephens*6.092-51265.02256
Saves: Julio (25); Groom (2); Roberts, Bauer, Ryan and Yorkis Perez (2). Complete games: Ponson and Erickson (3); Lopez and Johnson (1). Shutouts: Erickson (1).

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