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Earned Run Average

Randy Johnson, AriL2452.323535840260.019778672613713343
Greg Maddux, AtlR1662.623434000199.11946758144451181
Tom Glavine, AtlL18112.963636210224.22108574218781272
Odalis Perez, LAL15103.003232420222.11827674214381552
Roy Oswalt, HouR1993.013534000233.02158678175622083
Elmer Dessens, CinR783.033030000178.0173706024749933
Tomokazu Ohka, MonR1383.183231200192.21948368197451182
Randy Wolf, PhiL1193.203131320210.21727775237631724
Kirk Rueter, SFL1483.233333000203.2204837322154763
Curt Schilling, AriR2373.233635510259.12189593293333166
Kevin Millwood, AtlR1883.243534110217.01868378168651784
Vicente Padilla, PhiR14113.283232110206.019883751615531286
Wade Miller, HouR1543.282626110164.21516360146621444
A.J. Burnett, FlaR1293.303129750204.115384751299020314
Steve Trachsel, NYR11113.373030110173.21708065160691054
Note: Pitchers must have one inning pitched per their team's games played to qualify.


Johnson, Ari24-5
Schilling, Ari23-7
Oswalt, Hou19-9
Millwood, Atl18-8
Glavine, Atl18-11
Morris, St.L17-9
Maddux, Atl16-6
Nomo, LA16-6
Jennings*, Col16-8


Quantrill, LA86
Dotel, Hou83
Worrell, SF80
Jones, Col79
Looper, Fla78
Sauerbeck, Pit78
Stone*, Hou78
Gagne, LA77
V. Nunez, Fla77

Complete Games

Johnson, Ari8
Burnett, Fla7
Hernandez, SF5
Schilling, Ari5
Five tied with 4 each.


Burnett, Fla5
Johnson, Ari4
Hernandez, SF3
Six tied with 2 each.


Rusch, Mil10-16
Sheets, Mil11-16
Hernandez, SF12-16
Hampton, Col7-15
Thomson, NY-Col9-14
Wells, Pit12-14
Wright, Mil5-13
Anderson, Pit8-13
Ashby, LA9-13
Vazquez, Mon10-13
Dempster, Fla-Cin10-13
Leiter, NY13-13


Johnson, Ari260.0
Schilling, Ari259.1
Oswalt, Hou233.0
Vazquez, Mon230.1
Glavine, Atl224.2
Perez, LA222.1
Nomo, LA220.1
Millwood, Atl217.0
Sheets, Mil216.2
Hernandez, SF216.0


Smoltz, Atl554
Gagne, LA524
M. Williams, Pit464
Mesa, Phi459
Nen, SF438
Jimenez, Col416
Hoffman, SD383
Kim, Ari366
Wagner, Hou356
Benitez, NY334


Ishii*, LA106
Nomo, LA101
Wood, Chi97
Ortiz, SF94
Dempster, Cin-Fla93
Hampton, Col91
Burnett, Fla90
Moss*, Atl89

HR Allowed

Astacio, NY32
Helling, Ari31
Tomko, SD31
Rusch, Mil30
Schilling, Ari29
Five tied with 28 each.

Wild Pitches

Armas Jr., Mon14
Burnett, Fla14
Moss*, Atl13
Schmidt, SF12
Coggin, Phi11
Duckworth, Phi10
Jennings*, Col10

SB Allowed

Leiter, NY29
Nomo, LA28
Maddux, Atl24
Duckworth, Phi24
Hernandez, SF22
Trachsel, NY21
Millwood, Atl21
Anderson, Pit21


Johnson, Ari334
Schilling, Ari316
Wood, Chi217
Clement, Chi215
Oswalt, Hou208
Burnett, Fla203
Schmidt, SF196
Nomo, LA193
Vazquez, Mon179
Millwood, Atl178

Opp. Batting Average

Johnson, Ari .208
Burnett, Fla .209
Clement, Chi .215
Schmidt, SF .218
Moss*, Atl .221
Wood, Chi .221
Wolf, Phi .223
Schilling, Ari .224
Perez, LA .226
Millwood, Atl .230


(Walks + Hits/IP)

Schilling, Ari0.97
Perez, LA0.99
Johnson, Ari1.03
Wolf, Phi1.12
Millwood, Atl1.16
Oswalt, Hou1.19
Burnett, Fla1.19
Schmidt, SF1.19

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