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Batting Average

Barry Bonds, SFL143403117149.37032231246110198479.799.582
Larry Walker, ColL13647795161.3382874042610465736.602.421
Vladimir Guerrero, MonR161614106206.33636437239111847040.593.417
Todd Helton, ColL156553107182.3293193943010999915.577.429
Chipper Jones, AtlS15854890179.32729435126100107898.536.435
Jose Vidro, MonS152604103190.315296433199660702.490.378
Albert Pujols, St.LR157590118185.3143314023412772692.561.394
Jeff Kent, SFR152623102195.31335242237108521015.565.368
Jim Edmonds, St.LL14447696148.3112673122883861344.561.420
Edgardo Alfonzo, NYR13549078151.308225260165662556.459.391
Bobby Abreu, PhiL157572102176.308298506208510411731.521.413
Gary Sheffield, AtlR13549282151.3072522602584725312.512.404
Luis Castillo, FlaS14660686185.305219185239557648.361.364
Edgar Renteria, St.LR15254477166.3052393621183495722.439.364
Junior Spivey, AriR143538103162.30125634616786510011.476.389
Note: Batters must have 3.1 plate appearances per their team's games played to qualify.

Home Runs

Sosa, Chi49
Bonds, SF46
Berkman, Hou42
Green, LA42
V. Guerrero, Mon39
Giles, Pit38
Burrell, Phi37
Kent, SF37
A. Jones, Atl35
Pujols, St.L34


Rollins, Phi10
Furcal, Atl8
McCracken, Ari8
Rolen, Phi-St.L8
Wilkerson*, Mon8
Six tied with 7 each.

On Base Pct.

Bonds, SF .582
Giles, Pit .450
C. Jones, Atl .435
Helton, Col .429
Walker, Col .421
Edmonds, St.L .420
V. Guerrero, Mon .417
Abreu, Phi .413
Berkman, Hou .405

Runs Batted In

Berkman, Hou128
Pujols, St.L127
Burrell, Phi116
Green, LA114
V. Guerrero, Mon111
Bonds, SF110
Rolen, Phi-St.L110
Helton, Col109
Kent, SF108
Sosa, Chi108


Abreu, Phi50
Lowell, Fla44
Cabrera, Mon43
Vidro, Mon43
Kent, SF42
Walker, Cin42
Millar, Fla41

Slugging Pct.

Bonds, SF .799
Giles, Pit .622
Walker, Col .602
Sosa, Chi .594
V. Guerrero, Mon .593
Berkman, Hou .578
Helton, Col .577


V. Guerrero, Mon206
Kent, SF195
Vidro, Mon190
Castillo, Fla185
Pujols, St.L185
Walker, Cin183
Helton, Col182
C. Jones, Atl179
Abreu, Phi176


Sosa, Chi122
Pujols, St.L118
Bonds, SF117
Green, LA110
Helton, Col107
Berkman, Hou106
V. Guerrero, Mon106
Spivey, Ari103
Vidro, Mon103


Bonds, SF198
Giles, Pit135
Dunn, Cin128
Berkman, Hou107
C. Jones, Atl107
Abreu, Phi104
Sosa, Chi103

Stolen Bases

Castillo, Fla4815
Pierre, Col4712
Roberts, LA4510
V. Guerrero, Mon4020
Sanchez*, Mil3714
Boone, Cin328
Four tied with 31 each.

Total Bases

V. Guerrero, Mon364
Kent, SF352
Berkman, Hou334
Pujols, St.L331
Sosa, Chi330
Green, LA325
Bonds, SF322
Burrell, Phi319
Helton, Col319


Hernandez, Mil188
Dunn, Cin170
Lee, Fla164
Wilkerson*, Mon161
Burrell, Phi153
Vaughn, NY145
Sosa, Chi144
Bellhorn, Chi144

National League LeadersPitching

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