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(At least 75 AB & 2.5/Gm) ClGmABHAvg
Rickie Weeks, SouthernSo.5419898.495
Curtis Granderson, Ill.-ChicagoJr.55207100.483
Khalil Greene, ClemsonSr.71285134.470
Antoin Gray, SouthernJr.5420592.449
Anthony Bocchino, MaristSr.5520792.444
John McCurdy, MarylandJr.5422198.443
Terry Trofholz, TCUSo.5721394.441
Steve Stanley, Notre DameSr.68271119.439
Joe Wickman, UNLVFr.4614262.437
Tom Merkle, NY TechSr.5218680.430

Home Runs (per game)

(At least 15 HR) ClGm HR Avg
Nate Gold, GonzagaSr.56330.59
Bradley Eldred, Florida Int'lSr.61290.48
Cary Page, Morehead St.Jr.55260.47
Bubba Lavender, Morehead St.Sr.56240.43
Kelly Hunt, Bowling GreenJr.54220.41
Yaron Peters, South CarolinaSr.72290.40
Ryan Kenning, New Mexico St.Sr.61240.39
Mike Arbinger, OhioSr.51200.39
Tom Merkle, NY TechSr.52200.38
Kevin Matuszek, Morehead St.Jr.55210.38

Runs Batted In (per game)

(At least 50 RBI) ClGm RBI Avg
Rickie Weeks, SouthernSo.54961.78
Ryan Kenning, New Mexico St.Sr.61961.57
Kelly Hunt, Bowling GreenJr.54841.56
Gabe Veloz, New Mexico St.Sr.61921.51
Jamie D'antona, Wake ForestSo.57831.46
Antoin Gray, SouthernJr.54771.43
John McCurdy, MarylandJr.54771.43
Chris Alexander, New MexicoJr.56781.39
Scott Martin, Delaware St.Jr.49681.39
Kevin Matuszek, Morehead St.Jr.55761.38

Stolen Bases (per game)

(At least 25) ClGmSBSBAAvg
Bartowski Cowan, Alabama St.So.5054581.08
Ryan McGraw, Coastal CarolinaSo.6063631.05
Matt Lemanczyk, Sacred HeartSr.4741410.87
Ashley Allen, Alabama St.Jr.4740470.85
Chris Walker, Ga. SouthernSr.6448540.75
Christopher Graziano, VillanovaJr.5338450.72
Russ Adams, North CarolinaJr.6345570.71
Casey Fahy, DelawareSr.5640400.71
Micah Simmons, Bethune-Cook.Sr.6143460.70
Aulston Taylor, Texas SouthernSr.4028310.70

NCAA Division I LeadersPitching

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