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Indiana Pacers

Jermaine O'Neal72.479137119.010.51.6
Reggie Miller79.453130416.52.83.2
Ron Mercer53.39773513.93.42.4
Brad Miller76.499103213.68.22.0
Ron Artest55.42372713.24.92.3
Al Harrington44.47557613.16.31.2
Jamaal Tinsley*80.3807519.43.78.1
Jonathan Bender78.4305817.43.10.8
Travis Best44.4393026.91.64.0
Austin Croshere76.4135166.83.91.0
Jeff Foster82.4494675.76.80.9
Kevin Ollie81.3884625.72.33.6
Carlos Rogers22.558592.71.70.1
Primoz Brezec*22.483432.01.30.3
Bruno Sundov22.400321.51.00.1
Jamison Brewer*13.40040.30.60.7
Norm Richardson3.00000.00.30.3
Triple Doubles: Tinsley (2). 3-pt FG leader: Miller (180).
Steals leader: Tinsley (138). Blocks leader: O'Neal (166).

Acquired: G Mercer, G Ollie, F Artest and C Miller from Chicago for F Jalen Rose, G Travis Best and G Norm Richardson and a conditional second-round pick (Feb. 20).

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