Women's Olympic Short Track Speed Skating

Multiple gold medals (including relays): Chun Lee-Kyung and Meng Wang (4); Kim Yun-Mi, Annie Perrault, Cathy Turner, Won Hye-Kyung, and Yang Yang (A) (2)

500 meters

Year  Time  
1992Cathy Turner, USA47.04  
1994Cathy Turner, USA45.98 OR
1998Annie Perrault, CAN46.568 
2002Yang Yang (A), CHN44.187 
2006Meng Wang, CHN45.130 
2010Meng Wang, CHN43.048  

1000 meters

Year  Time  
1994Chun Lee-Kyung, S. Kor.1:36.87 
1998Chun Lee-Kyung, S. Kor.1:42.776 
2002Yang Yang (A), CHN1:36.391 
2006Sun-Yu Jin, KOR1:32.859 
2010Meng Wang, CHN1:29.213  

1500 meters

Year  Time  
2002Ko Gi-Hyun, S. Kor.2:31.581 
2006Sun-Yu Jin, KOR2:23.494 
2010Zhou Yang, CHN2:16.993OR

3000–m Relay

Year  Time  
1992 Canada4:36.62  
1994 South Korea4:26.64 WR
1998South Korea4:16.260WR
2002South Korea4:12.793WR
2006South Korea4:17.040 
2010China4:06.610 OR
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