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NHRA Results

Schedule and results of National Hot Rod Association Drag Racing events in the Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock divisions in 2002. All times are based on two cars racing head-to-head from a standing start over a straight line, quarter-mile course. Differences in reaction time account for apparently faster losing times.

2002 Season

DateEventEventWinnerTimeMPH2nd PlaceTimeMPH
Feb. 10K&N Filters WinternationalsTop FuelLarry Dixon4.535324.75K. Bernstein4.612324.67
  Funny CarJohn Force6.260219.76D. Worsham6.642243.68
  Pro StockGeorge Marnell6.880200.89J. Yates6.812202.61
Feb. 24Kragen NationalsTop FuelTony Schumacher4.946299.40L. Dixon5.044296.89
  Funny CarDel Worsham4.940312.86J. Force7.749114.25
  Pro StockBruce Allen6.904199.02W. Johnson7.470148.76
Mar. 17Mac Tools GatornationalsTop FuelLarry Dixon4.629319.75K. Bernstein4.677319.29
  Funny CarTony Pedregon5.090281.25G. Scelzi5.750197.13
  Pro StockDarrell Alderman6.927200.77J. Coughlin6.940200.14
Apr. 7SummitRacing.com NationalsTop FuelLarry Dixon4.639319.29C. McClenathan4.728319.29
  Funny CarGary Densham5.409205.13T. Johnson Jr.5.447272.61
  Pro StockRon Krisher7.016197.83D. Alderman7.026197.54
Apr. 14O'Reilly Spring NationalsTop FuelKenny Bernstein4.695319.37T. Schumacher4.900304.94
  Funny CarJohn Force4.991310.20T. Johnson Jr.5.170288.77
  Pro StockMike Edwards6.892199.70K. Johnson6.910200.77
Apr. 28Thunder Valley NationalsTop FuelLarry Dixon4.644317.87D. Russell4.977268.01
  Funny CarWhit Bazemore4.936310.27G. Densham6.400141.67
  Pro StockWarren Johnson6.986198.41R. Krisher6.975198.15
May 5Southern NationalsTop FuelLarry Dixon4.637318.09D. Hebert5.039231.87
  Funny CarWhit Bazemore4.963310.41J. Force5.559195.51
  Pro StockAllen Johnson6.907200.92G. Anderson7.676138.41
May 19Matco Tools SuperNationalsTop FuelKenny Bernstein4.600321.96L. Dixon4.818319.90
  Funny CarGary Densham5.046316.38B. Sarver7.310115.29
  Pro StockGreg Anderson6.808201.91J. Coughlin6.812202.33
May 26O'Reilly Summer NationalsTop FuelDarrell Russell4.638314.90L. Dixon4.670316.38
  Funny CarTony Pedregon4.910320.58T. Wilkerson4.999302.69
  Pro StockTroy Coughlin6.924198.44M. Whisnant6.991197.59
June 2Chicagoland Dodge Dealers NationalsTop FuelLarry Dixon4.580319.37K. Bernstein4.620317.72
  Funny CarDel Worsham4.878312.21S. Cannon11.20878.21
  Pro StockBruce Allen6.888199.55T. Hammonds6.869199.61
June 16Pontiac Excitement NationalsTop FuelLarry Dixon4.619319.14D. Herbert6.278163.61
  Funny CarRon Capps6.027235.60B. Sarver6.942257.97
  Pro StockGreg Anderson6.924199.05D. Alderman11.09479.81
June 30Sears Craftsman NationalsTop FuelKenny Bernstein5.065293.22A. Cowin5.291263.87
  Funny CarJohn Force8.83787.98S. Cannon5.053295.85*
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.928199.52G. Anderson6.930199.91
July 21Mile-High NationalsTop FuelDarrell Russell4.898295.53C. McClenathan4.877301.07
  Funny CarDel Worsham5.160293.15T. Pedregon5.193291.13
  Pro StockMike Edwards7.339188.41A. Johnson7.347189.07
July 28Northwest NationalsTop FuelDarrell Russell4.657308.00K. Bernstein5.788159.12
  Funny CarTony Pedregon5.049293.22B. Sarver6.827130.15
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.864200.14M. Whisnant9.30996.20
Aug. 4Autolite NationalsTop FuelDoug Herbert4.727308.85D. Kalitta4.766305.36
  Funny CarJohn Force4.953303.09R. Capps4.956300.46
  Pro StockLarry Morgan6.845201.58G. Anderson6.799202.45
Aug. 18Rugged Liner NationalsTop FuelKenny Bernstein4.830303.16L. Dixon5.410218.12
  Funny CarJohn Force5.405216.62G. Densham6.929130.27
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.918199.11G. Anderson6.984199.82
Sept. 2Mac Tools U.S. Nationals Top FuelTony Schumacher4.663315.93L. Dixon5.161240.29
  Funny CarJohn Force5.028280.02T. Johnson Jr.4.996308.43
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.953199.08J. Yates6.934200.08
Sept. 16Lucas Oil Nationals Top FuelDoug Kalitta4.560320.51K. Bernstein4.581322.11
  Funny CarTony Pedregon4.829318.62W. Bazemore4.814319.98
  Pro StockJim Yates6.870199.67M. Edwards6.911199.43
Sept. 22O'Reilly Mid-South
Top FuelLarry Dixon4.600318.69T. Schumacher4.798286.44
  Funny CarTony Pedregon4.909315.12D. Worsham5.144263.15
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.849200.80G. Wilson6.877200.20
Sept. 29Craftsman 75th Anniversary NationalsTop FuelDoug Kalitta4.594323.27D. Russell7.331120.74
  Funny CarTony Pedregon4.924310.84R. Capps6.403145.85
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.875200.89R. Krisher6.896200.02
Oct. 13O'Reilly Fall NationalsTop FuelDoug Kalitta4.582322.58C. McClenathan6.565130.62
  Funny CarDel Worsham4.862319.48B. Sarverbroke
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.826202.33G. Wilson6.833202.33
Oct. 27Las Vegas NationalsTop Fuel      
  Funny Car      
  Pro Stock      
Nov. 10NHRA FinalsTop Fuel      
  Funny Car      
  Pro Stock      
*Scotty Cannon was disqualified for a false start and John Force coasted to victory.

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