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(Minimum 10 AB)

Ichiro Suzuki, Sea1038716.42103
Johnny Damon, Oak52239.40900
Omar Vizquel, Cle52229.40906
Terrence Long, Oak51837.38923
Steve Finley, Ari1752719.36518
Danny Bautista, Ari102238.36409
Jason Giambi, Oak51726.35314
Juan Gonzalez, Cle52348.34825
Erubiel Durazo, Ari71515.33313
Greg Colbrunn, Ari61224.33302
Chipper Jones, Atl82839.32127
Ellis Burks, Cle51946.31611
Fernando Vina, St.L51926.31612
Einar Diaz, Cle51635.31302
Andruw Jones, Atl82969.31022

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