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(At least 75 AB) ClGmABHAvg
Chris Tuttle, Wright St.So.5420397.478
Chris May, PennsylvaniaSr.3914365.455
Michael Woods, SouthernJr.4717077.453
John-Ford Griffin, Florida St.Jr.65251113.450
Mitch Maier, ToledoFr.4416071.444
Brian Baron, UCLASr.56237105.443
John VanBenschoten, Kent St.Jr.6122599.440
Jason Law, MonmouthJr.5320489.436
Chris Burke, TennesseeJr.67271118.435
Phil Pilewski, ToledoSo.4717174.433

Home Runs (per game)

(At least 10 HR) ClGm HR Avg
John VanBenschoten, Kent St.Jr.61310.51
Jason Brooks, MarshallSr.49230.47
Alex Trezza, Stony BrookJr.51230.45
Shelley Duncan, ArizonaJr.56240.43
Dan Johnson, NebraskaSr.62250.40
Ryan Brunner, Northern IowaSr.63250.40
Jeff Baker, ClemsonSo.60230.38
Mike Bohlander, PaceJr.45170.38
Kevin Mitchell, McNeese St.Sr.51190.37
Aaron Clark, AlabamaSr.55200.36
Scott Martin, Delaware St.So.44160.36

Runs Batted In (per game)

(At least 50 RBI) ClGm RBI Avg
Scott Martin, Delaware St.So.44771.75
Jason Brooks, MarshallSr.49731.49
Jake Gautreau, TulaneJr.65961.48
Chris May, PennsylvaniaSr.39551.41
Shelley Duncan, ArizonaJr.56781.39
Dan Johnson, NebraskaSr.62861.39
John VanBenschoten, Kent St.Jr.61841.38
Andrew See, OhioSr.51701.37
Scott Henley, Ga. SouthernSr.62841.35
Alex Trezza, Stony BrookJr.51681.33

Stolen Bases (per game)

(At least 25) ClGmSBSBAAvg
Javy Rodriguez, Miami-FLJr.6366821.05
Matt Lemanczyk, Sacred HeartJr.4540440.89
Christopher Graziano, VillanovaSo.4237410.88
Mike Rodriguez, Miami-FLJr.6453550.83
Matt Davis, Va. CommonwealthJr.6049590.82
Marcus Nettles, Miami-FLJr.5444540.81
Bartowski Cowan, Alabama St.Jr.4737410.79
Sean Hill, Mississippi Valley St.So.4636420.78
Dwaine Bacon, Florida A&MJr.4434410.77
Rick Lynn, BrownJr.4232350.76

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