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Earned Run Average

Randy Johnson, AriL2162.493534320249.218174691918713728
Curt Schilling, AriR2262.983535610256.22378685371392934
John Burkett, AtlR12123.043434110219.11878374176701875
Greg Maddux, AtlR17113.053434330233.02208679207271732
Darryl Kile, St.LR16113.093434210227.122883782211651796
Matt Morris, St.LR2283.163434210216.121886761313541855
Russ Ortiz, SFR1793.293333110218.21879080130911698
Al Leiter, NYL11113.312929000187.11788169184461425
Kerry Wood, ChiR1263.362828110174.112770651610922179
Wade Miller, HouR1683.403232100212.01839180314761838
Javier Vazquez, MonR16113.423232530223.21979285243442083
Chan Ho Park, LAR15113.503635210234.018398912320912183
Tom Glavine, AtlL1673.573535110219.12139287242971162
Kevin Appier, NYR11103.573333110206.2181898222156417212
Brad Penny, FlaR10103.693131110205.01839284157541542
Note: Pitchers must have 1 inning pitched per their team's games played to qualify.


Schilling, Ari22-6
Morris, St.L22-8
Johnson, Ari21-6
Lieber, Chi20-6
Ortiz, SF17-9
Maddux, Atl17-11
Glavine, Atl16-7
Miller, Hou16-8
Kile, St.L16-11
Vazquez, Mon16-11


Kline, St.L89
Lloyd, Mon84
Fassero, Chi82
King, Mil82
Rodriguez, SF80
Weathers, Mil-Chi80
Nen, SF79
Sullivan, Cin79
Kim, Ari78

Complete Games

Schilling, Ari6
Lieber, Chi5
Vazquez, Mon5
Astacio, Col-Hou4
Ritchie, Pit4
Wolf, Phi4


Maddux, Atl3
Vazquez, Mon3
Johnson, Ari2
Lopez, Ari2
Ritchie, Pit2
Wolf, Phi2


Jones, SD8-19
Haynes, Mil8-17
Anderson, Pit9-17
Reitsma*, Cin7-15
Ritchie, Pit11-15
Hernandez, SF13-15
Astacio, Col-Hou8-14
Armas, Mon9-14
Tapani, Chi9-14
Dessens, Cin10-14


Schilling, Ari256.2
Johnson, Ari249.2
Park, LA234.0
Maddux, Atl233.0
Lieber, Chi232.1
Kile, St.L227.1
Hernandez, SF226.2
Vazquez, Mon223.2
Williams, SD-St.L220.0


Nen, SF457
Benitez, NY433
Hoffman, SD433
Shaw, LA439
Mesa, Phi424
Wagner, Hou392
Graves, Cin327
Alfonseca, Fla286
Gordon, Chi284
Williams, Pit-Hou223


Dempster, Fla112
Wright, Mil98
Glavine, Atl97
Wood, Chi92
Armas, Mon91
Ortiz, SF91
Park, LA91
Chacon*, Col87

HR Allowed

Jarvis, SD37
Jones, SD37
Schilling, Ari37
Williams, SD-St.L35
Elarton, Hou-Col34
Hermanson, St.L34
Person, Phi34
Dessens, Cin32

Wild Pitches

Clement, Fla15
Appier, NY12
Dreifort, LA10
Estes, SF10
Person, Phi10
Suzuki, Col-Mil10
Armas, Mon9
Wood, Chi9

SB Allowed

Anderson, Pit33
Batista, Ari24
Maddux, Atl24
Appier, NY22
Jones, SD22
Trachsel, NY22
Wood, Chi21


Johnson, Ari372
Schilling, Ari293
Park, LA218
Wood, Chi217
Vazquez, Mon208
Burkett, Atl187
Morris, St.L185
Miller, Hou183
Person, Phi183
Kile, St.L179

Opp. Batting Average

Wood, Chi .202
Johnson, Ari .203
Park, LA .216
Burkett, Atl .230
Burnett, Fla .231
Ortiz, SF .232
Miller, Hou .234
Person, Phi .234
Vazquez, Mon .235
Appier, NY .237


Walks + Hits/Innings

Johnson, Ari1.01
Maddux, Atl1.06
Schilling, Ari1.08
Vazquez, Mon1.08
Lieber, Chi1.15
Penny, Fla1.16
Park, LA1.17
Burkett, Atl1.17

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