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Batting Average

Larry Walker, ColL142497107174.350329353381238210314.662.449
Todd Helton, ColL159587132197.33640254249146981047.685.432
Moises Alou, HouR13651379170.3312843112710857575.554.396
Lance Berkman, HouS157577110191.33135855534126921217.620.430
Chipper Jones, AtlS159572113189.3303463353810298829.605.427
Albert Pujols*, St.LR161590112194.3293604743713069931.610.403
Barry Bonds, SFL153476129156.328411322731371779313.863.515
Sammy Sosa, ChiR160577146189.328425345641601161530.737.437
Juan Pierre, ColL156617108202.3272562611255412946.415.378
Luis Gonzalez, AriL162609128198.32541936757142100831.688.429
Rich Aurilia, SFR156636114206.324364375379747831.572.369
Paul Lo Duca, LAR12546071147.320250280259039302.543.374
Jose Vidro, MonS12448682155.319236341155931494.486.371
Cliff Floyd, FlaL149555123176.317321444311035910118.578.390
Jeff Cirillo, ColR13852872165.3132502641783436312.473.364
Note: Batters must have 3.1 plate appearances per their team's games played to qualify.

Home Runs

Bonds, SF73
Sosa, Chi64
Gonzalez, Ari57
Green, LA49
Helton, Col49
Sexson, Mil45
Nevin, SD41
Bagwell, Hou39
C. Jones, Atl38
L. Walker, Col38


Rollins*, Phi12
Pierre, Col11
Uribe*, Col11
Castillo, Fla10
Perez, Col8
Tucker, Cin-Chi8
Vina, St.L8

On Base Pct.

Bonds, SF .515
L. Walker, Col .449
Sosa, Chi .437
Helton, Col .432
Berkman, Hou .430
Gonzalez, Ari .429
C. Jones, Atl .427
Sheffield, LA .417

Runs Batted In

Sosa, Chi160
Helton, Col146
Gonzalez, Ari142
Bonds, SF137
Bagwell, Hou130
Pujols*, St.L130
Berkman, Hou126
Nevin, SD126
Green, LA125
Sexson, Mil125


Berkman, Hou55
Helton, Col54
Kent, SF49
Abreu, Phi48
Pujols*, St.L47
Guerrero, Mon45
Floyd, Fla44

Slugging Pct.

Bonds, SF .863
Sosa, Chi .737
Gonzalez, Ari .688
Helton, Col .685
L. Walker, Col .662
Berkman, Hou .620
Pujols*, St.L .610


Aurilia, SF206
Pierre, Col202
Gonzalez, Ari198
Helton, Col197
Pujols*, St.L194
Berkman, Hou191
Vina, St.L191
C. Jones, Atl189
Sosa, Chi189


Sosa, Chi146
Helton, Col132
Bonds, SF129
Gonzalez, Ari128
Bagwell, Hou126
Floyd, Fla123
Green, LA121
Abreu, Phi118
Biggio, Hou118


Bonds, SF177
Sosa, Chi116
Abreu, Phi106
Bagwell, Hou106
Gonzalez, Ari100
Helton, Ari98
C. Jones, Atl98

Stolen Bases

Rollins*, Phi468
Pierre, Col4617
Guerrero, Mon3716
Abreu, Phi3614
Castillo, Fla3316
Young, Chi3114
Glanville, Phi286
Womack, Ari287

Total Bases

Sosa, Chi425
Gonzalez, Ari419
Bonds, SF411
Helton, Col402
Green, LA370
Aurilia, SF364
Pujols*, St.L360
Berkman, Hou358


Hernandez, Mil185
Sexson, Mil178
Burrell, Phi162
Stevens, Mon157
Sosa, Chi153
Burnitz, Mil150
Nevin, SD147
Lankford, St.L-SD145

National League LeadersPitching

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