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Batting Average

Ichiro Suzuki*, SeaL157692127242.350316348869305356.457.381
Jason Giambi, OakL154520109178.34234347238120129832.660.477
Roberto Alomar, CleS157575113193.336311341220100807130.541.415
Bret Boone, SeaR158623118206.33136037337141401105.578.372
Frank Catalanotto, TexL13346377153.3302273151154395515.490.391
Juan Gonzalez, CleR14053297173.3253143413514041941.590.370
Alex Rodriguez, TexR162632133201.318393341521357513118.622.399
Shannon Stewart, TorR155640103202.3162964471260467227.463.371
Derek Jeter, NYR150614110191.3112953532174569927.480.377
Jeff Conine, BalR13952475163.3112322321497647512.443.386
Bernie Williams, NYS146540102166.3072823802694786711.522.395
Edgar Martinez, SeaR13247080144.3062554012311693904.543.423
Carlos Beltran, KCS155617106189.3063173212241015212031.514.362
Manny Ramirez, BosR14252993162.30632233241125811470.609.405
Doug Mientkiewicz, MinL15154377166.306252391157467922.464.387
Note: Batters must have 3.1 plate appearances per their team's games played to qualify.

Home Runs

Rodriguez, Tex52
Thome, Cle49
Palmeiro, Tex47
Glaus, Ana41
Ramirez, Bos41
Delgado, Tor39
Ja. Giambi, Oak38
Boone, Sea37
Gonzalez, Cle35


Guzman, Min14
Alomar, Cle12
Beltran, KC12
Cedeno, Det11
Durham, Chi10
McLemore, Sea9
Suzuki*, Sea8
Vizquel, Cle8

On Base Pct.

Ja. Giambi, Oak .477
Martinez, Sea .423
Thome, Cle .416
Alomar, Cle .415
Delgado, Tor .408
Ramirez, Bos .405
Olerud, Sea .401
Rodriguez, Tex .399

Runs Batted In

Boone, Sea141
Gonzalez, Cle140
Rodriguez, Tex135
Ramirez, Bos125
Thome, Cle124
Anderson, Ana123
Palmeiro, Tex123
Ja. Giambi, Oak120
Martinez, Sea116
Chavez, Oak114


Ja. Giambi, Oak47
Sweeney, KC46
Stewart, Tor44
Chavez, Oak43
Durham, Chi42
Martinez, Sea40
Ordonez, Chi40

Slugging Pct.

Ja. Giambi, Oak .660
Thome, Cle .624
Rodriguez, Tex .622
Ramirez, Bos .609
Gonzalez, Cle .590
Boone, Sea .578
Palmeiro, Tex .563


Suzuki*, Sea242
Boone, Sea206
Stewart, Tor202
Rodriguez, Tex201
Anderson, Ana194
Alomar, Cle193
Jeter, NY191
Beltran, KC189
Ordonez, Chi181


Rodriguez, Tex133
Suzuki*, Sea127
Boone, Sea118
Alomar, Cle113
Jeter, NY110
Ja. Giambi, Oak109
Damon, Oak108
Tejada, Oak107
Beltran, KC106


Ja. Giambi, Oak129
Delgado, Tor111
Thome, Cle111
Glaus, Ana107
Palmeiro, Tex101
Salmon, Ana96
Olerud, Sea94

Stolen Bases

Suzuki*, Sea5614
Cedeno, Det5515
Soriano*, NY4314
McLemore, Sea397
Knoblauch, NY389
Cameron, Sea345
Cruz, Tor325

Total Bases

Rodriguez, Tex393
Boone, Sea360
Ja. Giambi, Oak343
Palmeiro. Tex338
Thome, Cle328
Ramirez, Bos322
Anderson, Ana321
Beltran, KC317


Thome, Cle185
Grieve, TB159
Glaus, Ana158
Cameron, Sea155
Gonzalez, Tor149
Ramirez, Bos147
Cruz, Tor138
Delgado, Tor136

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