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Earned Run Average

Kevin Brown, LAR1362.583333510230.01817666219472164
Randy Johnson, AriL1972.643535830248.22028973236763475
Jeff D'Amico, MilR1272.662323110162.11435548146461015
Greg Maddux, AtlR1993.003535630249.122591831910421901
Mike Hampton, NYL15103.143333310217.219489761089915110
Al Leiter, NYL1683.203131210208.017684741911762004
Chan Ho Park, LAR18103.273434310226.01739282211212421713
Tom Glavine, AtlL2193.403535420241.022210191244651520
Rick Ankiel*, St.LL1173.503130000175.013780682169019412
Robert Person, PhiR973.632828110173.114473701369516410
Ryan Dempster, FlaR14103.663333210226.121010292305972094
Livan Hernandez, SFR17113.753333520240.0254114100224731653
Woody Williams, SDR1083.752323400168.01527470233541114
Curt Schilling, Phi-AriR11123.812929820210.12049089271451684
Kris Benson, PitR10123.853232210217.2206104932410861845
Note: Pitchers must have 1 inning pitched per their team's games played to qualify.


Glavine, Atl21-9
Kile, St.L20-9
Johnson, Ari19-7
Maddux, Atl19-9
Park, LA18-10
Elarton, Hou17-7
Hernandez, SF17-11
Leiter, NY16-8
Stephenson, St.L16-9


Kline, Mon83
Sullivan, Cin79
Myers, Col78
Wendell, NY77
Benitez, NY76
Rodriguez, SF76
Sauerbeck, Pit75
Heredia, Chi74

Complete Games

Johnson, Ari8
Schilling, Phi-Ari8
Lieber, Chi6
Maddux, Atl6
Brown, LA5
Hernandez, SF5
Kile, St.L5


Daal, Ari-Phi4-19
Clement, SD13-17
Parris, Cin12-17
Holt, Hou8-16
Lima, Hou7-16
Yoshii, Col6-15
Hermanson, Mon12-14


Lieber, Chi251.0
Maddux, Atl249.1
Johnson, Ari248.2
Glavine, Atl241.0
Hernandez, SF240.0
Kile, St.L232.1
Brown, LA230.0
Dempster, Fla226.1
Park, LA226.0


Johnson, Ari3
Maddux, Atl3
Estes, SF2
Glavine, Atl2
Hernandez, SF2
Sanchez, Fla2
Schilling, Phi-Ari2
Stephenson, St.L2


Alfonseca, Fla454
Hoffman, SD437
Benitez, NY415
Nen, SF415
Graves, Cin305
Aguilera, Chi298
Veres, St.L297
Shaw, LA277
Three tied with 24 each.

HRs Given Up

Lima, Hou48
Anderson, Ari38
Lieber, Chi36
Tapani, Chi35
Kile, St.L33
Astacio, Col32
Bell*, Cin32
Sanchez, Fla32
Yoshii, Col32

Wild Pitches

Clement, SD23
Williamson, Cin21
Dreifort, LA17
Park, LA13
Ankiel*, St.L12
Bell*, Cin11
Estes, SF11
Five tied with 10 each.


Clement, SD125
Park, LA124
Ortiz, SF112
Estes, SF108
Haynes, Mil100
Hampton, NY99
Dempster, Fla97
Person, Phi95
Ankiel*, St.L90
Hentgen, St.L89


Johnson, Ari347
Park, LA217
Brown, LA216
Dempster, Fla209
Leiter, NY200
Vazquez, Mon196
Ankiel*, St.L194
Astacio, Col193
Kile, St.L192
Lieber, Chi192
Maddux, Atl190
Benson, Pit184
Clement, SD170
Millwood, Atl168
Schilling, Phi-Ari168


Rodriguez, SF30
Remlinger, Atl23
Christiansen, Pit-St.L22
Sullivan, Cin22
Franco, NY20
Walker*, SD19
White, Cin-Col19
Looper, Fla18
Brock, Phi16
Wendell, NY16

Opp. Batting Average

Brown, LA .213
Park, LA .214
Ankiel*, St.L .219
Johnson, Ari .224
Leiter, NY .228
Person, Phi .229
Dreifort, LA .238
Maddux, Atl .238
Williams, SD .239
Hampton, NY .241
Dempster, Fla .243
Glavine, Atl .244
Kile, St.L .247

SB Allowed

Maddux, Atl25
Spencer, SD18
Dotel, Hou15
Gagne*, LA15
B.J. Jones, NY15
Ortiz, SF15
Witasick, SD15

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