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Batting Average

Todd Helton, ColL160580138216.37240559242147103615.698.463
Moises Alou, HouR12645482161.3552832823011452453.623.416
Vladimir Guerrero, MonR154571101197.34537928114412358749.664.410
Jeffrey Hammonds, ColR12245494152.33524024220106448314.529.395
Jeff Kent, SFR159587114196.334350417331259010712.596.424
Luis Castillo, FlaS136539101180.334209173217788662.388.418
Jose Vidro, MonS153606101200.330327512249749695.540.379
Jeff Cirillo, ColR157598111195.3262855321111567723.477.392
Gary Sheffield, LAR141501105163.32532224343109101714.643.438
Mike Piazza, NYR13648290156.3242962603811358694.614.398
Edgardo Alfonzo, NYR150544109176.324295402259495703.542.425
Sammy Sosa, ChiR156604106193.32038338150138911687.634.406
Jason Kendall, PitR152579112185.3202723361458797922.470.412
Bobby Abreu, PhiL154576103182.3163194210257910011628.554.416
Brian Giles, PitL156559111176.31533237735123114696.594.432
Note: Batters must have 3.1 plate appearances per their team's games played to qualify.

Home Runs

Sosa, Chi50
Bonds, SF49
Bagwell, Hou47
V. Guerrero, Mon44
Hidalgo, Hou44
Sheffield, LA43
Edmonds, St.L42
Helton, Col42
Griffey, Cin40
Piazza, NY38
C. Jones, Atl36
A. Jones, Atl36


Womack, Ari14
Perez, Col11
V. Guerrero, Mon11
Abreu, Phi10
Goodwin, Col-LA9
Belliard, Mil9
Seven tied with 7 each.

On Base Pct.

Helton, Col .463
Bonds, SF .440
Sheffield, LA .438
Giles, Pit .432
Alfonzo, NY .425
Bagwell, Hou .424
Kent, SF .424
Castillo, Fla .418
Abreu, Phi .416
Alou, Hou .416

Runs Batted In

Helton, Col147
Sosa, Chi138
Bagwell, Hou132
Kent, SF125
Giles, Pit123
V. Guerrero, Mon123
Hidalgo, Hou122
Wilson, Fla121
Griffey, Cin118


Helton, Col59
Cirillo, Col53
Vidro, Mon51
Gonzalez, Ari47
Green, LA44
Abreu, Phi42
Hidalgo, Hou42
Grace, Chi41
Kent, SF41

Slugging Pct.

Helton, Col .698
Bonds, SF .688
V. Guerrero, Mon .664
Sheffield, LA .643
Hidalgo, Hou .636
Sosa, Chi .634
Alou, Hou .623
Bagwell, Hou .615
Piazza, NY .614


Helton, Col216
Vidro, Mon200
A. Jones, Atl199
V. Guerrero, Mon197
Kent, SF196
Cirillo, Col195
Sosa, Chi193
Gonzalez, Ari192
Perez, Col187
Kendall, Pit185


Bagwell, Hou152
Helton, Col138
Bonds, SF129
Edmonds, St.L129
A. Jones, Atl122
C. Jones, Atl118
Hidalgo, Hou118
Kent, SF114
Kendall, Pit112


Bonds, SF117
Giles, Pit114
Bagwell, Hou107
Edmonds, St.L103
Helton, Col103
Sheffield, LA101
Abreu, Phi100
Burnitz, Mil99
Grace, Chi95
C. Jones, Atl95
Alfonzo, NY95

Stolen Bases

Castillo, Fla6222
Goodwin, Col-LA5510
Young, Chi547
Womack, Ari4511
Furcal*, Atl4014
Wilson, Fla3614
Glanville, Phi318
Owens, SD2914
Reese, Cin293

Total Bases

Helton, Col405
Sosa, Chi383
V. Guerrero, Mon379
Bagwell, Hou363
A. Jones, Atl355
Hidalgo, Hou355
Kent, SF350
Gonzalez, Ari336
Giles, Pit332
Bonds, SF330


Wilson, Fla187
Sosa, Chi168
Edmonds, St.L167
Lankford, St.L148
Burrell*, Phi139
Rivera, SD137
Jenkins, Mil135
Snow, SF129
Galarraga, Atl126

National League LeadersPitching

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