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Earned Run Average

Pedro Martinez, BosR1861.742929740217.012844421714322841
Roger Clemens, NYR1383.703232100204.118496842610841882
Mike Mussina, BalR11153.793434610237.2236105100283462103
Mike Sirotka, ChiL15103.793232100197.020310183231691288
Bartolo Colon, CleR1583.883030210188.01638681214982124
David Wells, TorL2084.113535910229.2266115105238311669
Gil Heredia, OakR15114.123232200198.221410691244661013
Albie Lopez, TBR11134.134524410185.1199958524170964
Tim Hudson, OakR2064.143232220202.116910093247821697
Chuck Finley, CleL16114.173434300218.02111081012321011899
Paul Abbott, SeaR974.223527000179.01648984235801003
Jim Parque, ChiL1364.283332000187.0208105892111711112
Jeff Weaver, DetR11154.323130200200.0205102962615521363
Makoto Suzuki, KCR8104.343229110188.2195100912639413511
Andy Pettitte, NYL1994.353232310204.221911199174801252
Note: Pitchers must have 1 inning pitched per their team's games played to qualify.


Hudson, Oak20-6
Wells, Tor20-8
Pettitte, NY19-9
P. Martinez, Bos18-6
Sele, Sea17-10
Burba, Cle16-6
Finley, Cle16-11
Helling, Tex16-13
Colon, Cle15-8
Sirotka, Chi15-10
Heredia, Oak15-11
Appier, Oak15-11


Wunsch*, Chi83
Venafro, Tex77
Wells, Min76
Trombley, Bal75
Lowe, Bos74
Nelson, NY73
Rhodes, Sea72
Karsay, Cle72
Foulke, Chi72
Tam, Oak72

Complete Games

Wells, Tor9
P. Martinez, Bos7
Mussina, Bal6
Ponson, Bal6
Lopez, TB4
Radke, Min4


P. Martinez, Bos4
Sele, Sea2
Hudson, Oak2
24 tied with 1 each.


Radke, Min12-16
Mays, Min7-15
Trachsel, TB-Tor8-15
Escobar, Tor10-15
Weaver, Det11-15
Mussina, Bal11-15
Cone, NY4-14
Ponson, Bal9-13
Loaiza, Tex-Tor10-13
Lopez, TB11-13
Hernandez, NY12-13
Rogers, Tex13-13
Helling, Tex16-13


Mussina, Bal237.2
Wells, Tor229.2
Rogers, Tex227.1
Radke, Min226.2
Ponson, Bal222.0
Finley, Cle218.0
P. Martinez, Bos217.0
Helling, Tex217.0
Suppan, KC217.0
Sele, Sea211.2


Jones, Det424
Lowe, Bos425
Sasaki*, Sea373
Rivera, NY365
Foulke, Chi345
Wetteland, Tex349
Koch, Tor335
Isringhausen, Oak337
Hernandez, TB328
Percival, Ana3210


Shuey, Cle28
Groom, Bal27
Wunsch*, Chi25
Rhodes, Sea24
Zimmerman, Tex21
Mecir, TB-Oak21
Brocail, Det19
Hasegawa, Ana19
Tam, Oak19

HRs Given Up

Suppan, KC36
Milton, Min35
Baldwin, Chi34
Hernandez, NY34
Wakefield, Bos31
Nomo, Det31
Carpenter, Tor30
Ponson, Bal30
Helling, Tex29
Loaiza, Tex-Tor29

Wild Pitches

Reichert*, KC18
Grimsley, NY16
Nomo, Det16
Carrasco, Min-Bos14
Cone, NY11
Mays, Min11
Suzuki, KC11


Appier, Oak102
Finley, Cle101
Helling, Tex99
Colon, Cle98
Suzuki, KC94
Burba, Cle91
Reichert*, KC91
Nomo, Det89


P. Martinez, Bos284
Colon, Cle212
Mussina, Bal210
Finley, Cle189
Clemens, NY188
Nomo, Det181
Burba, Cle180
Hudson, Oak169
Wells, Tor166
Milton, Min160
Ponson, Bal152
Helling, Tex146
Escobar, Tor142
Radke, Min141
Hernandez, NY141

Opp. Batting Average

P. Martinez, Bos .167
Hudson, Oak .227
Colon, Cle .233
Clemens, NY 236
Abbott, Sea .243
Hernandez, NY .247
Helling, Tex .252
Mussina, Bal .255
Finley, Cle .256
Ponson, Bal .258

SB Allowed

Burba, Cle21
Suzuki, KC21
Wakefield, Bos20
Hudson, Oak16
Clemens, NY15
R. Martinez, Bos15
Escobar, Tor14
Castillo, Tor13
Schoeneweis, Ana13
Bergman, Min12

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