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Batting Average

Nomar Garciaparra, BosR140529104197.372317513219661505.599.434
Darin Erstad, AnaL157676121240.35536639625100648228.541.409
Manny Ramirez, CleR11843992154.35130634238122861171.697.457
Carlos Delgado, TorL162569115196.344378571411371231040.664.470
Derek Jeter, NYR148593119201.3392853141573689922.481.416
David Segui, Tex-CleS15057493192.3342934211910353840.510.388
Jason Giambi. OakL152510108170.33333029143137137962.647.476
Mike Sweeney, KCR159618105206.3333233002914471678.523.407
Frank Thomas, ChiR159582115191.32836444043143112941.625.436
Johnny Damon, KCL159655136214.32732442101688656046.495.382
Edgar Martinez, SeaR153556100180.3243223103714596953.579.423
Travis Fryman, CleR15557493184.32129638422106731111.516.392
Jermaine Dye, KCR157601107193.3213374123311869990.561.390
Shannon Stewart, TorR136583107186.3193024352169377920.518.363
Alex Rodriguez, SeaR148554134175.3163363424113210012115.606.420
Note: Batters must have 3.1 plate appearances per their team's games played to qualify.

Home Runs

Glaus, Ana47
Thomas, Chi43
Ja. Giambi, Oak43
Justice, Cle-NY41
Delgado, Tor41
Rodriguez, Sea41
Batista, Tor41
Palmeiro, Tex39
Ramirez, Cle38
Martinez, Sea37
Thome, Cle37
Vaughn, Ana36
Anderson, Ana35


Guzman, Min20
Kennedy*, Ana11
Damon, KC10
Durham, Chi9
Alicea, Tex8
Nixon, Bos8
Hunter, Min7
Four tied with 6 each.

On Base Pct.

Ja. Giambi, Oak .476
Delgado, Tor .470
Ramirez, Cle .457
Thomas, Chi .436
Garciaparra, Bos .434
Martinez, Sea .423
Rodriguez, Sea .420
Posada, NY .417
Jeter, NY .416
Erstad, Ana .409
Sweeney, KC .407
Lawton, Min .405

Runs Batted In

Martinez, Sea145
Sweeney, KC144
Thomas, Chi143
Delgado, Tor137
Ja. Giambi, Oak137
Rodriguez, Sea132
Ordonez, Chi126
Ramirez, Cle122
Williams, NY121
Palmeiro, Tex120
Justice, Cle-NY118
Dye, KC118


Delgado, Tor57
Garciaparra, Bos51
Cruz, Det46
Olerud, Sea45
Thomas, Chi44
Higginson, Det44
Lawton, Min44
DeShields, Bal43
Stewart, Tor43

Slugging Pct.

Ramirez, Cle .697
Delgado, Tor .664
Ja. Giambi, Oak .647
Thomas, Chi .625
Rodriguez, Sea .606
Glaus, Ana .604
Garciaparra, Bos .599
Everett, Bos .587
Justice, Cle-NY .584
Martinez, Sea .579


Erstad, Ana240
Damon, KC214
Sweeney, KC206
Jeter, NY201
Garciaparra, Bos197
Delgado, Tor196
Dye, KC193
Segui, Tex-Cle192
Thomas, Chi191
R. Alomar, Cle189
Randa, KC186
Stewart, Tor186


Damon, KC136
Rodriguez, Sea134
Durham, Chi121
Erstad, Ana121
Glaus, Ana120
Jeter, NY119
Thomas, Chi115
Delgado, Tor115
R. Alomar, Cle111


Ja. Giambi, Oak137
Delgado, Tor123
Thome, Cle118
Thomas, Chi112
Glaus, Ana112
Posada, NY107
Salmon, Ana104
Palmeiro, Tex103

Stolen Bases

Damon, KC469
R. Alomar, Cle394
DeShields, Bal3710
Henderson, Sea319
McLemore, Tex3014
Lofton, Cle307
Cairo, TB287
Erstad, Ana288
Guzman, Min2810
Durham, Chi2513
Cameron, Sea247
Lawton, Min237
Five tied with 22 each.

Total Bases

Delgado, Tor378
Erstad, Ana366
Thomas, Chi364
Glaus, Ana340
Dye, KC337
Rodriguez, Sea336
Anderson, Ana336
Ja. Giambi, Oak330
Damon, KC324
Sweeney, Sea323
Martinez, Sea322
Batista, Tor322
Higginson, Det321
Ordonez, Chi321
Garciaparra, Bos317

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