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Distance  Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 24.13pInge de Bruijn, NetherlandsSept. 22, 2000 Sydney
 Olympic 24.13de Bruijn (same as world)
 American 24.63Dara TorresSept. 23, 2000Sydney
100 meters: World 53.77pInge de Bruijn, NetherlandsSept. 20, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 53.77de Bruijn (same as world)
 American 54.07Jenny Thompson Aug. 14, 2000Indianapolis
200 meters: World 1:56.78Franziska Van Almsick, Ger. Sept. 6, 1994 Rome
 Olympic 1:57.65Heike Friedrich, E. Germany Sept. 21, 1988 Seoul
 American 1:57.90Nicole Haislett July 27, 1992 Barcelona
400 meters: World 4:03.85Janet Evans, USA Sept. 22, 1988 Seoul
 Olympic 4:03.85Evans (same as World)
 American 4:03.85Evans (same as World)
800 meters: World 8:16.22Janet Evans, USA Aug. 20, 1989 Tokyo
 Olympic 8:19.67Brooke Bennett, USA Sept. 22, 2000Sydney
 American 8:16.22Evans (same as World)
1500 meters: World 15:52.10Janet Evans, USA Mar. 26, 1988 Orlando
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 15:52.10Evans (same as World)


Distance  Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 28.25Sandra Volker, Germany June 17, 2000Berlin
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 29.01Natalie CoughlinAug. 6, 1998Concord, Calif.
100 meters: World 1:00.16rHe Cihong, China Sept. 10, 1994 Rome
 Olympic 1:00.21Diana Mocanu, RomaniaSept. 18, 2000Sydney
 American 1:00.77pLea MaurerJan. 14, 1998Perth, AUS
200 meters: World 2:06.62Krisztina Egerszegi, Hungary Aug. 25, 1991 Athens
 Olympic 2:07.06Krisztina Egerszegi, Hungary July 31, 1992 Barcelona
 American 2:08.60Betsy Mitchell June 27, 1986 Orlando


Distance  Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 30.83Penny Heyns, South Africa Aug. 28, 1999Sydney
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 31.54pMegan QuannJune 10, 2000Federal Way, Wash.
100 meters: World 1:06.52pPenny Heyns, South Africa Aug. 23, 1999Sydney
 Olympic 1:07.02Penny Heyns, South AfricaJuly 21, 1996Atlanta
 American 1:07.05Megan QuannSept. 18, 2000Sydney
200 meters: World 2:23.64Penny Heyns, South Africa Aug. 27, 1999Sydney
 Olympic 2:24.03pAgnes Kovacs, HungarySept. 20, 2000Sydney
 American 2:24.56Kristy KowalSept. 21, 2000Sydney


Distance  Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 25.64Inge de Bruijn, NetherlandsMay 26, 2000Sheffield, GBR
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 25.64pDara TorresAug. 9, 2000Indianapolis
100 meters: World 56.61Inge de Bruijn, NetherlandsSept. 17, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 56.61de Bruijn, NED (same as world)
 American 57.58pDara TorresAug. 9, 2000Indianapolis
200 meters: World 2:05.81Susan O'Neill, AustrailiaMay 17, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 2:05.88Misty Hyman, USASept. 20, 2000Sydney
 American 2:05.88Misty HymanSept. 20, 2000Sydney

Individual Medley

Distance  Time Date Set Location
200 meters: World 2:09.72Wu Yanyan, China Oct. 17, 1997Shanghai
 Olympic 2:10.68Yana Klochkova, UkraineSept. 19, 2000Sydney
 American 2:11.91Summer Sanders July 30, 1992 Barcelona
400 meters: World 4:33.59Yana Klochkova, UkraineSept. 16, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 4:33.59Klochkova, UKR (same as world)
 American 4:37.58Summer Sanders July 26, 1992 Barcelona


Distance  Time Date Set Location
4x100m free: World 3:36.61USA (Van Dyken, Torres, Shealy,
Sept. 16, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 3:36.61USA (same as world)
 American 3:36.61USA (same as world)
4x200m free: World 7:55.47E. Germany (Stellmach, Strauss,  Mohring, Friedrich) Aug. 18, 1987 Strasbourg, FRA
 Olympic 7:57.80USA (Arsenault, Munz, Benko,
Sept. 20, 2000Sydney
 American 7:57.61USA (Benko, Stonebraker, Thompson,
Aug. 26, 1999Sydney
4x100m medley: World 3:58.30USA (Bedford, Quann, Thompson,
Sept. 23, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 3:58.30USA (same as world)
 American 3:58.30USA (same as world)

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