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Distance  Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 21.64Aleksandr Popov, RussiaJune 16, 2000 Moscow
 Olympic 21.91Aleksandr Popov, Unified Team July 30, 1992 Barcelona
 American 21.76Gary Hall Jr.Aug. 15, 2000Indianapolis
100 meters: World 47.84pP. van den Hoogenband,
Sept. 19, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 47.84P. van den Hoogenband, NED
 (same as world)
 American 48.42Matt Biondi Aug. 10, 1988 Austin, Tex.
200 meters: World 1:45.35P. van den Hoogenband,
Sept. 18, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 1:45.35P. van den Hoogenband, NED
 (same as world)
 American 1:46.73Josh DavisSept. 18, 2000Sydney
400 meters: World 3:40.59Ian Thorpe, Australia Sept. 16, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 3:40.59Ian Thorpe, Australia (same as world)
 American 3:47.00Klete KellerSept. 16, 2000Sydney
800 meters: World 7:46.00sKieren Perkins, Australia Aug. 24, 1994 Victoria, CAN
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 7:52.45Sean Killion July 27, 1987 Clovis, Calif.
1500 meters: World 14:41.66Kieren Perkins, Australia Aug. 24, 1994 Victoria, CAN
 Olympic 14:43.48Kieren Perkins, Australia July 31, 1992 Barcelona
 American 14:56.81Chris ThompsonSept. 23, 2000Sydney


Distance  Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 24.99Lenny Krayzelburg, USA Aug. 28, 1999Sydney
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 24.99Krayzelburg (same as World)
100 meters: World 53.60Lenny Krayzelburg, USA Aug. 24, 1999Sydney
 Olympic 53.72Lenny Krayzelburg, USA Sept. 18, 2000Sydney
 American 53.60Krayzelburg (same as World)
200 meters: World 1:55.87Lenny Krayzelburg, USAAug. 27, 1999Sydney
 Olympic 1:56.76Lenny Krayzelburg, USA Sept. 21, 2000Sydney
 American 1:55.87Krayzelburg (same as World)


Distance   Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 27.61Alexander Dzhaburiya, UKRApril 27, 1996Kharkov, UKR
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 28.24Jay SchindlerApr. 1 1999Long Island
100 meters: World 1:00.36Roman Sloudnov, RussiaJune 15, 2000Moscow
 Olympic 1:00.46Domenico Fioravanti, ItalySept. 17, 2000Sydney
 American 1:00.73Ed MosesSept. 17, 2000Sydney
200 meters: World 2:10.16Mike Barrowman, USA July 29, 1992 Barcelona
 Olympic 2:10.16Barrowman (same as World)
 American 2:10.16Barrowman (same as World)


Distance  Time Date Set Location
50 meters: World 23.60Geoffrey Huegill, AustraliaMay 14, 2000Sydney
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 23.89Neil WalkerAug. 12, 1997Fukuoka, JPN
100 meters: World 51.81Michael Klim, Australia Dec. 12, 1999Canberra, AUS
 Olympic 51.96pGeoffrey Huegill, Australia Sept. 21, 2000Sydney
 American 52.44Ian CrockerSept. 22, 2000Sydney
200 meters: World 1:55.18Tom Malchow, USAJune 17, 2000Charlotte, N.C.
 Olympic 1:55.35Tom Malchow, USASept. 19, 2000Sydney
 American 1:55.18Tom Malchow (same as world)

Individual Medley

Distance  Time Date Set Location
200 meters: World 1:58.16Jani Sievinen, Finland Sept. 11, 1994 Rome
 Olympic 1:58.98Massimiliano Rosolino, ITASept. 21, 2000Sydney
 American 1:59.77Tom DolanSept. 21, 2000Sydney
400 meters: World 4:11.76Tom Dolan, USA Sept. 17, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 4:11.76Dolan (same as World)
 American 4:11.76Dolan (same as World)


Distance  Time Date Set Location
4x100m medley: World 3:33.73USA (Krayzelburg, Moses, Crocker, Hall Jr.) Sept. 23, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 3:33.73USA (same as World)
 American 3:33.73USA (same as World)
4x100m free: World 3:13.67Australia (Klim, Fydler, Callus, Thorpe) Sept. 16, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 3:13.67Australia (same as world)
 American 3:13.86USA (Ervin, Walker, Lezak, Hall Jr.) Sept. 16, 2000 Sydney
4x200m free: World 7:07.05Australia (Thorpe, Klim, Pearson, Kirby) Sept. 19, 2000Sydney
 Olympic 7:07.05Australia (same as world)
 American 7:12.51USA (Dalbey, Cetlinski, Gjertsen, Biondi) Sept. 21, 1988 Seoul

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