Event   Time Date Set Location
100 meters: World 9.79Maurice Greene, USAJune 16, 1999Athens
 Olympic 9.84Donovan Bailey, CanadaJuly 27, 1996 Atlanta
 American 9.79Greene (same as World)
200 meters: World 19.32Michael Johnson, USA Aug. 1, 1996Atlanta
 Olympic 19.32Johnson (same as World)
 American 19.32Johnson (same as World)
400 meters: World 43.18Michael Johnson, USA Aug. 26, 1999Seville
 Olympic 43.49Michael Johnson, USAJuly 29, 1996Atlanta
 American 43.18Johnson (same as World)
800 meters: World 1:41.11Wilson Kipketer, DenmarkAug. 24, 1997Cologne
 Olympic 1:42.58Vebjoern Rodal, NorwayJuly 31, 1996Atlanta
 American 1:42.60Johnny Gray Aug. 28, 1985 Koblenz, W. Ger.
1000 meters: World 2:11.96Noah Ngeny, KenyaSept. 5, 1999Rieti, ITA
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 2:13.9Rick Wohlhuter July 30, 1974 Oslo
1500 meters: World 3:26.00Hicham El Guerrouj, MoroccoJuly 14, 1998Rome
 Olympic 3:32.07Noah Ngeny, KenyaSept. 29, 2000Sydney
 American 3:29.77Sydney Maree Aug. 25, 1985 Cologne
Mile: World 3:43.13Hicham El Guerrouj, MoroccoJuly 7, 1999Rome
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 3:47.69Steve Scott July 7, 1982 Oslo
2000 meters: World 4:44.79Hicham El Guerrouj, MoroccoSept. 7, 1999Berlin
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 4:52.44Jim Spivey Sept. 15, 1987 Lausanne, SWI
3000 meters: World 7:20.67Daniel Komen, KenyaSept. 1, 1996Rieti, ITA
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 7:30.84Bob Kennedy Aug. 8, 1998Monte Carlo
5000 meters: World 12:39.36Haile Gebrselassie, EthiopiaJune 13, 1998Helsinki
 Olympic 13:05.59Said Aouita, Morocco Aug. 11, 1984 Los Angeles
 American 12:58.21Bob KennedyAug. 14, 1996Zurich
10,000 meters: World 26:22.75Haile Gebrselassie, EthiopiaJune 1, 1998Hengelo, NED
 Olympic 27:07.34Haile Gebrselassie, EthiopiaJuly 29, 1996Atlanta
 American 27:20.56Mark Nenow Sept. 5, 1986 Brussels
20,000 meters: World 56:55.6Arturo Barrios, Mexico Mar. 30, 1991 La Fleche, FRA
 Olympic  Not an event
 American 58:15.0Bill Rodgers Aug. 9, 1977 Boston
Marathon: World 2:05:42†Khalid Khannouchi, MoroccoOct. 24, 1999Chicago
 Olympic 2:09:21Carlos Lopes, Portugal Aug. 12, 1984 Los Angeles
 American 2:09:32David MorrisOct. 24, 1999Chicago
  2:08:52*Alberto Salazar Apr. 19, 1982 Boston
Note: The Mile run is 1,609.344 meters and the Marathon is 42,194.988 meters (26 miles, 385 yards).
†Marathon records are not officially recognized by the IAAF.
*Former American record no longer officially recognized.