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2000 Season

DateEventEventWinnerTimeMPH2nd PlaceTimeMPH
Feb. 6AutoZone WinternationalsTop FuelGary Scelzi4.163317.79T. Schumacher4.712309.56
  Funny CarJerry Toliver4.970309.06T. Pedregon 4.929308.35
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.894199.17W. Johnson6.953197.65
Feb. 27Kragen NationalsTop FuelTony Schumacher5.095289.57B. Vandergriff5.421243.77
  Funny CarJohn Force4.933313.88R. Capps8.196101.89
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.961198.44M. Pawuk 7.081195.90
Mar. 19GatornationalsTop FuelDoug Kalitta4.614313.58T. Schumacher4.679314.97
  Funny CarJerry Toliver5.071296.50R. Capps6.185155.76
  Pro StockWarren Johnson6.900199.35T. Coughlin8.865106.59
Apr. 9SummitRacing.com NationalsTop FuelKenny Bernstein4.907282.78J. Amato5.213260.46
  Funny CarJim Elper4.983302.21T. Pedregon5.417197.02
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin7.072195.56W. Johnson7.100195.51
Apr. 16O'Reilly NationalsTop FuelLarry Dixon4.665316.90T. Schumacher4.761309.98
  Funny CarBob Gilbertson5.067304.25J. Tolliver4.934312.21
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.905199.29J. Yates6.926199.55
Apr. 30Moto1.net NationalsTop FuelLarry Dixon4.674314.53K. Bernstein4.692306.12
  Funny CarJohn Force5.913236.01R. Capps6.165133.76
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.861199.73J. Yates6.904199.73
May 7Southern NationalsTop FuelGary Scelzi4.629310.70T. Schumacher4.697307.44
  Funny CarJohn Force4.929289.14R. Capps5.023291.70
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.957198.12B. Allen7.099195.85
May 28Castrol NationalsTop FuelGary Scelzi4.614316.67L. Dixon4.696309.59
  Funny CarJohn Force4.9191313.26T. Pedregon9.74784.38
  Pro StockV. Gaines7.041196.93W. Johnson7.016197.93
June 4Fram Route 66 NationalsTop FuelGary Scelzi4.642314.53L. Dixon4.702313.07
  Funny CarJohn Force4.842318.09J. Tolliver4.934312.64
  Pro StockRon Krisher6.888199.43T. Coughlin6.924197.36
June 18Pontiac Excitement NationalsTop FuelTony Schumacher4.648178.10J. Amato5.165178.10
  Funny CarTony Pedregon4.893316.08J. Tolliver4.876301.20
  Pro StockMark Pawuk6.980197.33R. Krisher6.975197.51
June 24Sears Craftsman NationalsTop FuelGary Scelzi5.892284.99K. Bernstein6.010307.09
  Funny CarJerry Toliver6.771186.69D. Skuza9.65288.33
  Pro StockRon Krisher6.900198.44G. Anderson6.985196.96
July 8Winston Showdown*T.F.-F.C.Cory McClenathan4.852291.32R. Capps5.186275.28
  Pro StockTroy Coughlin7.086194.10M. Pawuk7.100194.24
July 16Mile-High NationalsTop FuelJoe Amato4.837300.53T. Schumacher4.913281.36
  Funny CarWhit Bazemore4.990301.20S. Cannon5.447273.83
  Pro StockKurt Johnson7.356188.04D. Alderman7.375186.28
July 30 Northwest NationalsTop FuelGary Scelzi4.711303.98D. Kalitta4.789291.19
  Funny CarJohn Force4.973299.60F. Pedregon6.530140.69
  Pro StockRichie Stevens7.018195.70J. Coughlin7.498146.00
Aug. 6Autolite NationalsTop FuelDoug Kalitta5.247274.33L. Dixon5.234265.33
  Funny CarJohn Force9.055101.81T. Pedregon8.068101.29
  Pro StockKurt Johnson6.974198.61A. Johnson7.024196.67
Aug. 20Colonel's Truck Accessories NationalsTop FuelTony Schumacher4.585318.69D. Kalitta4.655306.81
  Funny CarJohn Force4.935309.34J. Epler8.88991.75
  Pro StockKurt Johnson6.986196.59J. Coughlin6.995195.85
Sept. 4U.S. Nationals Top FuelTony Schumacher4.644316.90G. Clapshaw10.96574.25
  Funny CarJim Epler5.017285.41W. Bazemore5.968197.19
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.968196.96R. Krisher6.927197.59
Sept. 17Keystone NationalsTop FuelJoe Amato4.626310.27G. Scelzi4.639312.78
  Funny CarBruce Sarver4.993303.03R. Capps5.063293.73
  Pro StockKurt Johnson6.885200.14W. Johnson6.914200.14
Oct. 1Advance Auto Parts NationalsTop FuelGary Scelzi4.672303.64D. Kalitta4.676303.16
  Funny CarJohn Force4.933291.82R. Capps8.87591.65
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin7.022195.36D. Alderman7.083194.58
Oct. 8AutoZone NationalsTop FuelGary Scelzi†L. Dixon
  Funny CarRon Capps4.925297.22W. Bazemore11.12522.82
  Pro StockJeg Coughlin6.878199.64S. Geoffrion6.896199.11
Oct. 29Matco Tools SupernationalsTop FuelCory McClenathan4.564318.24B. Baldwin0.000000.00
  Funny CarTony Pedregon4.906309.27J. Force5.293287.41
  Pro StockWarren Johnson6.914199.40B. Jeter6.975197.94
Nov. 4O'Reilly Fall NationalsTop FuelCory McClenathan4.659314.02M. Troxel8.213101.48
  Funny CarJohn Force4.863302.55J. Toliver4.994306.40
  Pro StockKurt Johnson6.966196.73J. Coughlin7.555141.00
Nov. 12NHRA FinalsTop FuelGary Scelzi4.547319.75T. Schumacher4.676310.27
  Funny CarJohn Force4.855316.90B. Sarver4.892308.92
  Pro StockKurt Johnson6.854200.59J. Coughlin6.887199.55
*At the Winston Showdown the Funny Car finalist competes against the Top Fuel finalist in one event.
†Scelzi was awarded the win after Dixon crashed and wreckage from his car crossed the finish line in Scelzi's lane, stopping the clocks. No times (or speeds) were recorded.

NHRA Results Winston Point Standings

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