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Earned Run Average

Randy Johnson, AriL1792.4835351220271.22078675309703644
Kevin Millwood, AtlR1872.683434220228.01688068244592055
Mike Hampton, HouL2242.903434320239.020686771251011779
Kevin Brown, SDR1893.003535510252.12109984197592214
John Smoltz, AtlR1183.192929110186.11687066144401562
Todd Ritchie, PitR1593.492826200172.21697967174541077
Curt Schilling, PhiR1563.542424810180.01597471255441524
Greg Maddux, AtlR1993.573333400219.125810387164371361
Jose Lima, HouR21103.583535300246.125610898302441878
Omar Daal, AriL1693.653232210214.21889287217791483
Pete Harnisch, CinR16103.683333220198.11908681255571203
Andy Ashby, SDR14103.803131430206.02049587267541326
Russ Ortiz, SFR1893.813333300207.21891098824612516413
Shane Reynolds, HouR16143.853535420231.225010899231371974
Kent Bottenfield, St.LR1873.973131000190.11979184215891241
Ismael Valdes, LAR9143.983232210203.12139790326581436
Jon Lieber, ChiR10114.073131310203.122610792281461862


Hampton, Hou22-4
Lima, Hou21-10
Maddux, Atl19-9
Bottenfield, St.L18-7
Millwood, Atl18-7
Brown, LA18-9
Ortiz, SF18-9
Johnson, Ari17-9
Astacio, Col17-11


Kline, Mon82
Wendell, NY80
Sullivan, Cin79
Telford, Mon79
Benitez, NY77
Graves, Cin75
Rocker, Atl74
Four tied with 73 each.

Complete Games

Johnson, Ari12
Schilling, Phi8
Astacio, Col7
Brown, LA5
Ashby, SD4
Maddux, Atl4
Reynolds, Hou4
Trachsel, Chi4


Trachsel, Chi8-18
Springer, Fla6-16
Meadows, Fla11-15
Valdes, LA9-14
Jimenez*, St.L5-14
Benson, Pit11-14
Hermanson, Mon9-14
Hitchcock, SD12-14
Reynolds, Hou16-14


Johnson, Ari271.2
Brown, LA252.1
Lima, Hou246.1
Hampton, Hou239.0
Glavine, Atl234.0
Astacio, Col232.0
Reynolds, Hou231.2
Millwood, Atl228.0
Maddux, Atl219.1
Hermanson, Mon216.1


Ashby, SD3
Hampton, Hou2
Harnisch, Cin2
Jimenez*, St.L2
Johnson, Ari2
Reynolds, Hou2
Springer, Fla2


Urbina, Mon419
Hoffman, SD403
Wagner, Hou393
Rocker, Atl387
Nen, SF379
Wickman, Mil378
Shaw, LA345
Mantei, Fla-Ari325
Veres, Col318
Graves, Cin279

HRs Given Up

Astacio, Col38
Ogea, Phi36
Benes, Ari34
Byrd, Phi34
Kile, Col33
Williams, SD33
Trachsel, Chi32
Valdes, LA32
Meadows, Fla.31
Tomko, Cin31
Park, LA31

Wild Pitches

Hitchcock, SD15
Estes, SF15
Kile, Col13
Williamson*, Cin13
Ortiz, SF13
Clement, SD11
Byrd, Phi11
Park, LA11
Three tied with 10 each.


Ortiz, SF125
Estes, SF112
Kile, Col109
Hampton, Hou101
Park, LA100
Leiter, NY93
Dempster, Fla93
Bohanon, Col92


Johnson, Ari364
Brown, LA221
Astacio, Col210
Millwood, Atl205
Reynolds, Hou197
Hitchcock, SD194
Lima, Hou187
Lieber, Chi186
Hampton, Hou177
Park, LA174
Ortiz, SF164
Leiter, NY162
Nomo, Mil161
Estes, SF159
Smoltz, Atl156
Schilling, Phi152
Trachsel, Chi149
Daal, Ari148
Schmidt, Pit148


Johnstone, SF28
Embree, SF22
Wendell, NY21
Remlinger, Atl21
Cook, NY19
Swindell, Ari19
Telford, Mon18
Mills, LA18
Seanez, Atl18
Wall, SD18
Benitez, NY17
Plunk, Mil17
Powell, Hou16
Kline, Mon16

Opp. Batting Average

Millwood, Atl .202
Johnson, Ari .208
Brown, LA .222
Daal, Ari .236
Schilling, Phi .237
Hampton, Hou .241
Ortiz, SF .244
Smoltz, Atl .245
Benson, Pit .249
Harnisch, Cin .252
Hitchcock, SD .254
Nomo, Mil .256
Ashby, SD .258
Ritchie, Pit .259

Stolen Bases

Johnson, Ari42
Nomo, Mil41
Leiter, NY28
Valdes, LA26
Bohanon, Col26
Ortiz, SF25
Thurman, Mon25
Astacio, Col25
Ashby, SD24

BattingNational League Leaders

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