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Batting Average

Larry Walker, ColL127438108166.379311264371155785211.710.458
Luis Gonzalez, AriL153614112206.33633745426111666639.549.403
Bob Abreu, PhiL152546118183.33530035112093109811327.549.446
Sean Casey, CinL151594103197.33232042325996113880.539.399
Jeff Cirillo, MilR15760798198.3262803511588754837.461.401
Mark Grudzielanek, LAR12348872159.326213235746311656.436.376
Carl Everett, HouS12346486151.325265333251085059427.571.398
Doug Glanville, PhiR150628101204.32528738611734818234.457.376
Todd Helton, ColL159578114185.32033939535113686777.587.395
Chipper Jones, AtlS157567116181.31935941145110126189425.633.441
Vladimir Guerrero, MonR160610102193.3163663754213155146214.600.378
Darryl Hamilton, Col-NYL14650582159.315213194945570396.422.386
Brian Giles, PitL141521109164.31532033339115957806.614.418
Rondell White, MonR13853983168.31227226622643228510.505.359
Mark Grace, ChiL161593107183.3092854451691834443.481.390

Home Runs

McGwire, St.L.65
Sosa, Chi63
C. Jones, Atl45
Vaughn, Cin45
Bagwell, Hou42
V. Guerrero, Mon42
Piazza, NY40
Giles, Pit39
Bell, Ari38
Walker, Col37
Williams, Ari35
Helton, Col35


Abreu, Phi11
Perez, Col11
Finley, Ari10
Womack, Ari10
Cameron, Cin9
Kotsay, Fla9
Gonzalez*, Fla8
Martin, Pit8

On Base Pct.

Walker, Col .458
Bagwell, Hou .454
Abreu, Phi .446
C. Jones, Atl .441
Olerud, NY .427
McGwire, St.L .424
Henderson, NY .423
Giles, Pit .418
Sheffield, LA .407
Tatis, St.L .404

Runs Batted In

McGwire, St.L147
Williams, Ari142
Sosa, Chi141
Bichette, Col133
V. Guerrero, Mon131
Bagwell, Hou126
Piazza, NY124
Ventura, NY120
Vaughn, Cin118


Biggio, Hou56
Gonzalez, Ari45
Vidro, Mon45
Grace, Chi44
Jenkins, Mil43
Casey, Cin42
Alfonzo, NY41
C. Jones, Atl41
Young, Pit41

Slugging Pct.

Walker, Col .710
McGwire, St.L .697
Sosa, Chi .635
C. Jones, Atl .633
Giles, Pit .614
V. Guerrero, Mon .600
Bagwell, Hou .454
Helton, Col .587
Piazza, NY .575
Everett, Hou .571


Gonzalez, Ari206
Glanville, Phi204
Cirillo, Mil198
Casey, Cin197
V. Guerrero, Mon193
Perez, Col193
Alfonzo, NY191
Williams, Ari190
Biggio, Hou188
Helton, Col185


Bagwell, Hou143
Bell, Ari132
Alfonzo, NY123
Biggio, Hou123
Abreu, Phi118
McGwire, St.L118
C. Jones, Atl116
Helton, Col114
Sosa, Chi114
Gonzalez, Ari112


Bagwell, Hou149
McGwire, St.L133
C. Jones, Atl126
Olerud, NY125
Abreu, Phi109
Sheffield, LA101
Giles, Pit95
Larkin, Cin93
Burnitz, Mil91
Biggio, Hou88

Stolen Bases

Womack, Ari7213
Cedeno, NY6617
Young, LA5122
Castillo, Fla5017
Cameron, Cin3812
Reese, Cin387
Henderson, NY3714
Renteria, St.L378
Mondesi, LA369
Sanders, SD3613

Total Bases

Sosa, Chi397
V. Guerrero, Mon366
McGwire, St.L363
C. Jones, Atl359
Helton, Col339
Gonzalez, Ari337
Williams, Ari336
Bagwell, Hou332
Bell, Ari328
Bichette, Col321


Sosa, Chi171
Wilson*, Fla156
Cameron, Cin145
Hernandez, Chi-Atl145
Rivera, SD143
McGwire, St.L141
Vaughn, Cin137
Mondesi, Cin134
Brogna, Phi132
Bell, Ari132

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