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1998 Minor League All-Star Team

As presented by Baseball America and covering all Minor League levels.

Pos.Name, Team (Major Affiliate)
CMichael Barrett, Harrisburg (Expos)
1BCalvin Pickering, Bowie (Orioles)
2BRon Belliard, Louisville (Brewers)
3BEric Chavez*, Edmonton (Athletics)
SSPablo Ozuna, Peoria (Cardinals)
OFLance Berkman, New Orleans (Astros)
OFAlex Escobar, Capital City (Mets)
OFGabe Kapler, Jacksonville (Tigers)
DHChris Hatcher, Omaha (Royals)
SPRich Ankiel, Prince William (Cardinals)
SPRyan Bradley, Columbus (Yankees)
SPBruce Chen, Richmond (Braves)
SPBrad Penny, High Desert (D'Backs)
RPBrent Stentz, New Britain (Twins)
*Player of the Year

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