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Baltimore Orioles

Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Eric Davis.3274528114828897
Harold Baines.30029340889570
Rafael Palmeiro.296619981834312111
Lenny Webster.285309378810460
Roberto Alomar.28258886166145618
B.J. Surhoff.2795737916022929
Cal Ripken Jr..2716016516314610
Jeffrey Hammonds.26917136466287
Chris Hoiles.262267367015560
Mike Bordick.2604655912113516
Joe Carter.247283367011343
Brady Anderson.23647984113185121
Acquired: P Smith from SD for P Eric Estes (Jun. 9); P Guzman from Tor. for P Nerio Rodriguez and minor leaguer (Jul. 31).
Traded: OF Carter to SF for minor leaguer (Jul. 23); OF Hammonds to Cin. for IF Willie Greene (Aug. 10).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Jesse Orosco3.184-16956.22850
Mike Mussina3.4913-1029206.141175
Arthur Rhodes3.514-44577.03483
Alan Mills3.743-47277.05057
Armando Benitez3.825-67168.13987
Scott Erickson4.0116-1336251.169186
Jimmy Key4.206-32579.12353
Juan Guzman4.3510-1633211.098168
Doug Johns4.573-33186.23234
Sidney Ponson*5.278-931135.04285
Pete Smith6.202-32745.01629
Scott Kamieniecki6.752-61254.22625
Doug Drabek7.296-1123108.22955
Saves: Benitez (22); Orosco (7); Rhodes (4); Mills (2); Johns and Ponson (1). Complete games: Erickson (11); Mussina (4); Guzman (2); Drabek (1). Shutouts: Mussina and Erickson (2).

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