Anaheim Angels

Batting (135 AB)AvgABRHHRRBISB
Orlando Palmeiro..32116528530215
Jim Edmonds.30759911518425917
Tim Salmon.3004638413926880
Darin Erstad.29653784159198220
Garret Anderson.2946226218315798
Gary DiSarcina.2875517315835611
Randy Velarde.26118829494267
Craig Shipley.25914718382170
Matt Walbeck.25733841876461
Charlie O'Brien.25717513454180
Justin Baughman*.255196245012010
Chad Kreuter.25025227632331
Dave Hollins.2423636088113911
Phil Nevin.22823727548270
Troy Glaus*.21816519361231
Noberto Martin.21519520421133
Acquired: C O'Brien from ChW for two minor leaguers (Jul. 30); P Juden from Mil. for PTBN (Aug. 7); P Fetters from Oak. for PTBN and cash (Aug. 10); C Kreuter from ChW for cash (Sept. 18).
Pitching (40 IP)ERAW-LGmIPBBSO
Shigetoshi Hasegawa3.148-36197.13273
Chuck Finley3.3911-934223.1109212
Troy Percival3.652-76766.23787
Omar Olivares4.039-937183.091112
Rich DeLucia4.272-66171.24673
Mike Fetters4.302-86058.22543
Steve Sparks4.349-422128.25890
Pep Harris4.353-14960.02334
Jarrod Washburn*4.626-31574.02748
Ken Hill4.989-619103.04757
Jack McDowell5.095-31476.01945
Allen Watson6.046-72892.13464
Jason Dickson6.0510-1027122.04161
Jeff Juden6.751-3840.01839
Saves: Percival (42); Fetters and Hasegawa (5); DeLucia (3). Complete games: Finley, Olivares and Watson (1). Shutouts: Finley (1).

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