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(At least 75 AB) ClGmABHAvg
Pat Magness, Wichita St.So.60224104.464
Sammy Serrano, StetsonJr. 62245112.457
Ryan Fleming, DaytonSr.4015671.455
Kevin Mench, DelawareSo.5218785.455
Aaron Meyer, DartmouthSo.4115168.450
Jeff Pickler, TennesseeSr.55245109.445
Muchie Dagliere, UMassSr.3815167.444
Tom Stoudt, LafayetteSr.3311350.442
Jeff Ryan, Wichita St.Jr.63261115.441
Antonio Banks, Miss. Val. St.So.3410546.438
Jon Palmieri, Wake ForestJr.64256112.438
Bob Osipower, LafayetteSo.3612856.438

Home Runs (per game)

(At least 15) ClGm HR Avg
Kevin Mench, DelawareSo.52330.63
Jason Hart, SW Mo. St.Jr.53280.53
Eric Valent, UCLAJr.57300.53
Casey Kelley, Washington St.Jr.49250.51
Ryan Fry, MissouriSr.54270.50
Jason Story, New Mexico St.Sr.46230.50
Jason Sparks, TulaneJr.62300.48
Jeff Tidwell, Jacksonville St.Sr.54250.46
Sonny Cortez, TennesseeSr.52240.46
Brad Cresse, LSUSo.63290.46
John Summers, UtahJr.50230.46

Runs Batted In

(At least 50) ClGm RBI Avg
Damon Thames, RiceJr.631151.83
Jason Story, New Mexico St.Sr.46821.78
Jason Hart, SW Mo. St.Jr.53911.72
Sonny Cortez, TennesseeSr.52871.67
Jeff Ryan, Wichita St.Jr.631051.67
Pat Magness, Wichita St.So.601001.67
Shayne Carnes, UABSr.53871.64
Bo Robinson, UNC-CharlotteSr.621001.61
Lyle Overbay, NevadaJr.53851.60
Bubba Crosby, RiceJr.58911.57

Stolen Bases

(At least 25) ClGmSBSBAAvg
Kalin Foulds, San Diego St.Sr.5658661.04
Brian Roberts, North CarolinaSo.6563760.97
Mike Curry, South CarolinaJr.6260690.97
Schuyler Doakes, Jackson St.Sr.5045490.90
Juan Pierre, South AlabamaJr.6154620.89
Jason Maule, Cen. Conn. St.Jr.4337420.86
Herbert Wheat, HowardSr.4639420.85
Terrence Smalls, CitadelSr.6149610.80
John Penatello, IonaSr.4838450.79
Shawn Pearson, Old DominionSo.5138440.75

NCAA Division I LeadersPitching

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